Heard These?

I have a friend who is expecting her third baby.  Because her older two children are still very young, likely, she heard a really rude comment from someone with absolutely no good sense when she was out and about the other day.  I’m really easygoing about most things and don’t get worked up about much (except when I’m shopping for groceries at Wal Mart, at which point I become a rage-filled harpy), but this gets me.  I can remember so many rude comments from when I was pregnant with Emma.  I’m not sure why our culture doesnt particularly look joyfully upon fertility or why anyone feels free to spout their opinions about such things, but they do.

I thought I’d blog some of the best (worst) comments I got back then as a public service announcement to us all (me included!) about thinking before we say anything about anyone.

Here we go…

The Comments… and How I Wish I Had Responded

– Do you know about birth control?  (No.  Would you explain it to me?)
– You know how this keeps happening, don’t you?  (Again, no.  Would you explain it to me?)
– That can’t be good for your body.  (And saying things like that to a ginormous pregnant woman can’t be good for your body since I could sit on you and kill you.)
– Did Wes just jump into bed with you five minutes after the first one was born?  (He did.  It was awesome.)
– I’m so sorry.  (You know, an unplanned pregnancy is not the same thing as an unwanted pregnancy.)
– Wait… is it even possible to have two children that close together?  (You see the newborn; you see my pregnant body.  You tell me.)
– Did your body even have a chance to reset itself after the first one?  (I think it did a rather spectacular job of that, as evidenced by this awesome new fetus it’s growing.)
– How sad for Ana, not getting your full attention.  (Yeah, because she’ll spend her whole sad life being ignored like all children who aren’t only children.)
– Wow, that’s going to be so hard having two that little.  (Yeah, probably.  Thanks for the encouragement!)
– (said by a total stranger) Your husband shouldn’t have done that to you.  (Yeah, well, I actually seduced him with all my post partum hotness.  It was awesome.)
– I hope you’ve learned your lesson.  (Two beautiful baby girls in one year.  Yeah, I feel properly punished by God for my actions.)
– You gonna keep poppin’ ’em out like that?  (You gonna keep sayin’ stupid stuff?)
And my personal favorite…
– I thought clergy were supposed to be celibate.  (They are?!  Whoops!)

How about you?  Heard any of these?  What can you add to the list?

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