Done with Christmas!

Christmas is finally done.

That’s probably a very “bah humbug” sentiment, but these past few weeks (past several weeks) have been nothing short of insane.  I’m not sure how a pastor’s family, who has to cram Christmas into three days in three cities across Texas (because that’s just how Christmas fell in relation to church services this year) can feel like Christmas has lasted three years, but it sure has this year.  It’s likely our fault for going away right before Christmas, making everything feel like we’ve been off schedule all winter long!

We’re putting Christmas away as quickly as we can and searching the horizon for some elusive thing called “routine.”  I’m devoting this week to getting our lives back in order.  At the top of the list is getting back to writing books (it’s been a while!), getting back to blogging, and finishing up this year’s marathon training.  I spent yesterday afternoon working on a book I’m not sure will actually materialize into a book and running in a rainy forty-three degrees.  My devotion to both writing and running was thoroughly tested, in other words.  Still going to keep on with both!

As for blogs, I have some lined up already.  Despite the craziness, we’ve had a WONDERFUL month.  Wes and I had so much fun in Hawaii, and when we got back and the girls went on Christmas break, we were able to have a whole lot of real, quality time with them.  There’s so much to blog about, so I’ll be doing that.

All that said, be on the look out for more blogs soon.  And more books!

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