To Hawaii!

We weren’t even a day into our Hawaiian vacation a few weeks ago when Wes said, “I’d like for you to blog about this trip.”  I’m not sure anyone else will find the details interesting, but I know we’ll love looking back at posts about the trip and remembering it all.  So you’ll forgive me for writing about it for a few days, right?

Our vacation began on Sunday afternoon right after church.  And when I say right after church, I mean that the pastor left the pulpit and ran to his office to throw on swim trunks and sunscreen.  (So I exaggerate about the clothing but not about him running.  He so did that.) I met up with my parents in the lobby and handed the girls off to them with a few tears on my part.  Why do I leave and take trips without the girls when I miss them so much?  Because there’s a day coming when they’ll leave me (without tears, I hope and pray) to lead their own lives, and I’ll be left with Wes.  (Well, that makes Wes sound like a real downer, doesn’t it?  It’s totally not!  I really do like him.  Honest!)  Apart from enjoying just getting away with one another for time alone, we’re intentional now about planning for those empty nest days, taking time away together to enjoy each other and stay best friends, not just roommates and parents.  We love our girls.  So much so that we could easily make them everything.  But we fight against doing that.  And thanks to trips like this, we actually look forward to being empty nesters together and not being strangers when life slows down.  (And I think it’s of benefit to the girls, having parents who have a good marriage and friendship.)
All that said, I got teary… but I still got on the plane!
Because we had frequent flyer miles with Southwest, we headed out on a free flight to Phoenix where we were able to catch a connecting flight to Hawaii the next morning.  Props to Wes, who used frequent flyer miles and reward points on our credit card to pay for ALL of our flights and the great majority of our hotels.  I didn’t believe he could do it when he first suggested the trip, but he did!  In doing that, though, he booked a hotel near the Phoenix airport that had high ratings online… but was actually in the ghetto.  Nice.  The things they don’t mention online, y’all.  After walking past several homeless people (all of whom were yelling unintelligible things), we witnessed what we’re pretty sure was a drug exchange in a back alley (nice) and made our way to the room… where the door wouldn’t close.  We’re not complainers at hotels, not even hotels in ghetto neighborhoods, but we needed a door that would shut, lest those drug dealers or screaming homeless men follow us back from dinner, right?  Wes called, and we switched rooms.  Done and done.  Except not, because when we came back to the room after a quiet dinner, Wes put on a pot of decaf coffee, and the coffeemaker promptly caught on fire. “I hate to be that guy,” he said, even as he called the front desk (again) and got us put on their bad list.  They sent up someone to take out the coffeemaker, and he told Wes that his back was hurting, so could Wes move the three thousand pound entertainment center so he could get back there and unplug it?  Wes did, because he’s awesome, and we were rewarded with a coffeemaker that didn’t catch on fire the next morning.  Woohoo!  Already winning and the vacation had just begun!
“Bad start, huh?,” I asked him as we made our way back to the airport the next morning.  
“No,” he said, smiling.  “I’m with you.  It’s great.”
Oh, yeah.  The sap only gets thicker from here on out, y’all.
To Kona tomorrow…

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