Superhero Wes Takes on the Big Island

The next morning, we boarded a plane to Honolulu.

I’m not lying when I tell you that I was really looking forward to the long flights on this trip.  Why, exactly?  Because I was looking forward to reading without small children suggesting that I put down my book and read Gerald and Piggie instead.  I like Gerald and Piggie just as much as the next middle aged woman, but there’s a point where their hijinks are no longer entertaining.  (I can hear Emmy gasping in disbelief even as I type that.) I was so looking forward to reading that I brought along paperbacks instead of my Kindle, so no technical mishaps or flight attendants telling me to turn off and stow all electronic devices could keep me from reading.  Books!  Uninterrupted reading!  Bliss!  I remember being bored out of skull on international flights before I had children, not yet knowing the gift that uninterrupted reading time really is.  (Wes did try to distract me with his chattering a few times, however.  What did he think this was?  An anniversary trip or something?)
We got a big “aloha” welcome to the real Hawaii when we arrived at the Honolulu airport just in time for lunch.  Who knew that a plate of chicken for just one person would cost what two steak dinners for two would cost in Texas?!  The anniversary closeness got a little closer as we split the first of what would be many meals, right there in the airprort.  Aww…
After another, much shorter flight where I talked to Wes instead of reading (closeness, I tell you!), we landed in Kona where we had plans to stay for the night.  This was another one of those times when Wes went online and booked a room through one of those sites where they don’t tell you what you’re getting until you’re stuck with it.  Oh, yeah.  Expectations were high as we drove along the coast, taking in the scenery.  And expectations were… exceeded!  I’m not sure how he did it, y’all, but he managed an oceanside view at the nicest hotel in Kona with front seats for that night’s luau, all at a budget price.  Woot, woot!  Wes Faulk, superhero!


His superhero status continued on the next day when he took a Mustang convertible offroad on a lava rock trail to a secluded beach not too far away from where we saw manta rays the night before.  I wasn’t aware that Mustangs had four wheel drive capabilities, and the locals weren’t either, as they passed us in trucks and Jeeps, with incredulous expressions, as we came back from the beach after just a short walk before we headed up north.  (The car was, believe it or not, undamaged after that.)

Along our drive, we found a town called Waimea where we stopped for lunch, concluding as we did so that we could live there solely on the basis of Village Burger’s burgers and shakes.  Mmm…  (Though it’s amazing we were able to eat that much, given the giant cinnamon roll we’d shared at Island Lava Java back in Kona.  Am I talking a lot about food?  Yeah, that won’t last because we were heading towards a place that had NOTHING in terms of food.  I think we lost weight on this portion of the trip.)

We drove and drove and drove, seeing this…

And this…


Sights that would have been a lot more beautiful to look back on if we hadn’t made each one of them into a selfie opportunity.  (Hindsight is 20/20.)

We made it to the eastern side of the island and our destination, Volcano, just as the sun was setting.

Can you guess what they have in Volcano, Hawaii?  Oh, come on.  Take a wild guess!  
More details tomorrow…

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