2015 in 2015 – January Miles

Well, I’m a month into this 2015 in 2015 challenge.  

Once upon a time, there was joy in completing a long run because I could almost always say, “Woo!  Got that done!  Rest day tomorrow!”  

With this challenge, though, that joy has been taken from me.  

I finish a long run only to think, “Well… I’ll be back at it tomorrow.”
In other words, there are no rest days built into this.  If I miss one day, that makes my next day an eleven mile day.  And (like I just said) I finish that eleven mile run and say, “Woo — oh, wait.  I’ve got to run tomorrow, too!”
I see why there was an option to do this whole thing as a team.  But it’s too late for me, so (loud inhalation of breath here) that’s me sucking it up and moving forward.
I was on schedule to be at 171 miles by the end of January and went into my runs last week with every confidence that I would make it happen.  On Thursday, I felt so good during a seven mile jaunt on the treadmill that I spent the last two miles sprinting.  Yes, sprinting.  On the treadmill.  At one point, I thought I might honestly be in danger of tripping and flying off the back of the thing which made me run even faster.  Woo!  I was pretty proud of myself and the pace I’d kept (as fast as real marathon runners!) until I got off the treadmill and noticed that my left ankle was hurting.  Just the back part, though, so no biggie, right?
I had a funeral to go to and picked a dress that would only look right with heels.  The back of my ankle kept hurting, but I didn’t figure it was anything serious, so I put on those heels and marched myself right over to the church… and very nearly had to crawl back out afterwards because my ankle was killing me.  
After getting the girls home and getting them started on homework, I propped my foot up on the couch with some ice.  When Wes came home and saw what was going on, I waved away his concerns by telling him, “Just a sore ankle.”
“Well, put the ice on TOP of your ankle, then,” he said.
“No, it’s the back of the ankle,” I said.  
“That’s not your ankle!,” he exclaimed, then went on to explain in his Ironman wisdom that this was something totally different.  I didn’t believe him, of course, and went online to check his facts myself.
Achilles tendon.  Who knew that was even a thing, right?  And when I looked at what might cause an injury to this thing I’d never even heard of anyway (seriously, what is that?), I got these top three causes…
1. Overuse (like running 2015 miles in 2015)
2. Stepping up your level of physical activity too quickly (like sprinting on a treadmill after going at a turtle stampeding through peanut butter pace)

3. Wearing high heels (nothing else looked right with the dress!)
Three for three, y’all!  Woo!  
“Well, that sucks,” I said.  “What am I supposed to do now?!”
“Take a day off,” he said. 
“But a day off today means eleven miles the next day with no rest day afterwards!,” I whined.  (It’s true.  This is why I should’ve gotten a team together for this!)

“You’re going to hurt yourself even worse,” he said.  “Tell me I’m wrong.”
I wish I could tell you that I listened to him, but I didn’t.  It took three more excruciating miles before I gave up and declared my January mileage done at 159 miles.  I took Saturday off and iced my foot all stinkin’ day long, knowing that I’d have to run SIXTEEN miles on Monday if I had to be out Sunday as well.  Oh, the very thought.  This is why you need a team to do this, y’all!!!
The human body is amazing, though.  I woke up yesterday with no pain and every confidence that the injury had healed itself.  I went to the gym with Wes, got back on the treadmill, and was able to run again.  If you knew how bad I had been hurting, you’d consider this as miraculous as I did.  I didn’t have to slow down my pace from what I’d been running before the injury… but I did refrain from sprinting.  And from putting on heels after I was done.  I learned my lesson.  And I learned what an Achilles tendon is!  It was a winner of a situation, all the way around.
All that said, I’m still on track and a little wiser now.  The next goal is 326 miles by the end of February, which is so totally doable.  Will keep you updated…

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