Radical Mondays

Every week at church, we have a group of ladies who meet for Bible study.  We span many generations, many backgrounds, and many life experiences, and when we open Scripture together, our discussions are always so meaningful, given how serious these women are about seeking God.  We’ve done character studies of people in Scripture, overviews of topics, and books of the Bible by themselves, walking through verses and issues together, growing alongside one another.

I wasn’t sure what we should focus on after the holidays.  Wes knew I was looking at options and randomly threw out a suggestion at Christmas.
“How about Radical?”


I read Radical five years ago with an online “read-along” group and learned a lot in the process… and felt conviction about just about every part of my life as a result.  It was a real pick-me-up read, in other words.
“You think so?,” I asked, remembering when our ladies’ group went through a John Piper book and how I still haven’t heard the end of that.  (Most of us are still trying to figure out what exactly he was trying to say, honestly.  It was a great challenge for us all!)
“It’ll be good.”
So, we’re taking the suggestion of our pastor and going forward with it.  I was reading through the first chapter this week, making notes, and getting together discussion questions when it hit me.  
This book is hard.  It’s really hard.  There is nothing easy about the words that Jesus said.  There is nothing easy about living the way He calls us to live.
But I think it’s of great benefit for us to think on these things.  And I think it’s a challenge for all of us to really look at what Jesus said, to figure out what He meant, and to see what that means for us today, where we find ourselves.
Every week, I’m going to have a “Radical Monday” post, referencing the chapters in the book that we’re reading through and studying.  Most of these posts (if not all of them) will be reposted ones that I wrote back in 2010 when I was going through the book the first time.  They’ll pose questions for us all to think about as we’re interacting with the text, with the Scripture, and with one another in our discussions.
If you’re reading this and but aren’t a part of our ladies’ group at MBC, I would love it if you’d read along with us from wherever you are and give us your take on the book as well, either in comments on the blog or through our MBC Ladies’ Ministry page on Facebook.  It’s such a challenging read, and even in just preparing notes for our first meeting, I’ve been confronted and convicted by the words of Jesus again and again.  And we all need a little (or a whole lot!) of that in our lives, don’t we?
So excited to begin this study!  See you on Radical Monday!

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