We Love Wes

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the Faulkettes and I thought we’d compose a little post about all the reasons we love Wes, aka Papi, aka Wesley Tator Tot.  (As Emma has been known to call him.)  We can’t list them ALL, obviously, because that would be the longest blog post ever… but here are a few.

We love you…

… for always being a gentleman.

… for your expert vacation planning skills.  (Particularly as it pertains to the World.)

… for the way you teach the Word of God, both at home and at church, and how faithfully you provide for us as you do so.

… for always loving your favorite team, no matter what kind of season they’re having.  (And for being a little obnoxious with your Spurs love in a crowd of Rockets fans.)

… for totally rocking this fatherhood thing, from the very beginning. 

… for continuing to rock this fatherhood thing, when the work load increased.

… for leading us to know Jesus better.  (And for dunking one of us so quickly that there was no panic in the baptistry that morning.  Whew!)

… for having awesome hair.  (Seriously.  Look at it!)

… for pushing yourself towards new goals and showing us what real dedication looks like.

… for always being willing to help out, anywhere you’re needed.  (Even at AWANA rec time. God bless you.)

… for being a good sport, even when that involves wearing a costume.


… for being the best running partner ever.


… for making it possible for me to stay at home all these years, so that I didn’t ever miss a moment.  (“Poking the baby in the head” moments, sweet toddler moments, “I can’t believe they’re big girls” moments — they were all mine!)


… for keeping every promise you’ve made to us.

We love you so much and are so thankful for you.  Happy Valentine’s Day.  Mwah!

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