2015 in 2015 – February Miles

Another month has passed.  We saw a few days of what looked like spring up ahead.  (And then?  It got really cold.  But whatever.)  The year is in full swing.  Most New Year’s resolutions are officially kaput.

But I’m still running!
Hey, be surprised.  I know I am.  Every morning when I find my tired, old self running on the treadmill, there’s a little conversation that goes on…
My Feet: HEY!  HEY!  What are we DOING?!
My Ankles: I don’t know!  Knees, are you up there?!
My Knees: Yeah, but I think I’m going to need to be replaced one of these days.  How about you, heart?
My Heart: Working. Too. Hard.  Can’t. Talk.
My Stomach: I, for one, am starving.  Like, all the time.  But I’m pretty sure we’re about to lose another toenail, so I’m a little too queasy about THAT to even think of —
My Feet: AHHHH!  I’ll never be able to get a pedicure ever again!!!  
My Shoulders: Why do I hurt?  We’re just running, right?  Why am I sore if we’re just running?!
My Legs: Shut up!  She just increased the speed on this stupid machine!  Can’t!  Keep!  Up —
I don’t know some days.  There are days when I’m convinced that I don’t have it in me to walk the distance from the bedroom to the kitchen because everything is so tight and tired, and then, thirty minutes later, I end up running eight miles at a faster pace than I was ever capable of before.  There are days when I am irritable and cranky until I can go and run, and then when I’m finished, I feel like I’m tossing rainbows and sunshine to everyone around me.  There are days when this challenge feels impossible, and then, my little spreadsheet shows me that I’m actually keeping up.   
2015 in 2015 has, very honestly, made running a habit, and I’m praying against injuries and illnesses so that I can keep on going.   
All that said, here’s the February update.  I closed out the month with 329.61 miles… which put me AHEAD of schedule!  Not by leaps and bounds, so don’t get too excited.  But enough that I said, “I think I can actually do this thing!”  Who knew?!  
Up next… 497 miles by the end of March.  Can’t wait!

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