2015 in 2015 – March Miles

Well, it’s the end of March, and I’m still doing this challenge.  No one is more surprised than I am, y’all.  Seriously.

The goal was to be at 497 miles by the end of the month.  I’m currently at 512.69.  What?!  I have no idea how that happened, especially since I’ve started running just six days a week instead of seven.  That rest day every week must be making a big difference because I’m able to run longer distances without wanting to murder someone the other six days.  (Though I still have my moments.) 

The most thrilling part of this month was switching to a new pair of shoes at 500 miles.  I probably should have switched them sooner, but I’m cheap and didn’t want to waste a single cent we spent on those shoes.  (And they were bought at a discount, as are all of my running shoes.  Which makes me even cheaper, I know.)  I figured 500 miles was a good, long life and that they were sufficiently worn out and overused.  That was confirmed when I put on the new pair, began running, and thought, “Oh, no!  These shoes are the wrong size!”  They felt that different.  After the first two miles of wondering at this, they felt SO good.  Remind me of this at mile 1000 when I’m hesitant to switch to another pair of shoes.  It’ll be worth it!

Up next… 660 miles by the end of April!

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