Godly Training

The other day, Wes asked me to name ten books (not including the Bible) that have impacted my walk with Christ.

I thought for a second and was able to name a few.  I wasn’t able to name ten, though, which led me to this conclusion…
I don’t read enough deep books that challenge and equip me in my faith.
I read through the Bible and read through Bible study material… but I don’t read much beyond that.  (Well, I read sappy, sweet chick lit by the truckload.  But I’m talking about discipleship.  Which isn’t chick lit’s strongest selling point, unfortunately.)
Last Sunday, Wes preached on godly training. He talked about how we need to have a plan when we come to spiritual growth.  He talked about how we need to set goals for ourselves.  He talked about how growth won’t happen unless we’re actively pursuing it.
I think he’s right on about it.  And not just because he was preaching Scripture on the topic.  (Though Scripture does indeed trump all of his good ideas.  Really.  It does.)
Wes and I have decided to set a measurable goal for ourselves.  We’re going to read one book a month for the remainder of the year.  And not just any books.  Deep books.  Challenging books.  Books that leave us scratching our heads and thinking beyond what we think we already know.  Books that stretch us and have us thinking bigger.  Books that transform our hearts and leave us thinking more missionally.
What about you?  What kinds of goals do you set for yourself spiritually?  How has goal setting helped you in your godly training?

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