2015 in 2015 – May Miles

Another month is done, and I’m still running.

Always a surprise when I say that.  I know.
The goal was to end this month at 834 miles.  I concluded the month with 836 miles.  I didn’t have any grand visions of greatly exceeding the goal at the beginning of this month, worrying that I would actually fall behind when we went out of town for the Ironman.  Fortunately, there were treadmills where we stayed, and Wes was awesome enough to encourage and support me as I put in an hour of running each day before we went on to do things for his race.  So, it got done.
We have our big epic road trip coming up this month, and I’m guessing that it’ll be more of the same in terms of finding the time and running in unfamiliar environments.  Thank you in advance, Wes, for helping me with this by wrangling the girls for an hour a day so I can keep up.  The goal for the end of June is (drum roll) 1000 miles.  Which you would assume since it’s the halfway point.  Actually, you’d assume it’s 1007.5… but whatever.  1000 is a big enough goal on its own.  I’ll just be happy to come back and report that next month at this time, y’all.
Until then…

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