Vacationing with Kids

So, we arrived in Niagara Falls yesterday.  When Wes went to check in at our hotel, they told him that all the “falls view” rooms, like the one he’d booked and paid for months ago, were full.  Not to worry, though, because they could upgrade him.  And they did!  We traded in our nice room for a super nice room.  Falls view AND a two person jacuzzi overlooking the falls AND a second room with a pullout sofa.

Romantic much?  I thought so.  Before I could say that this room would be wasted on a family vacation, Wes reminded me that the girls would go to sleep much earlier than us and would probably love having their own room and sofa bed like they did at the last hotel, leaving us blissfully alone for a few hours later that night.  Woo-hoo!  Romance saved!  I thought that plan sounded awesome and gave him a little wink when the girls weren’t looking.
But they knew.  Somehow they knew.  Because when we got back to the room after checking out the falls, Ana began loudly bemoaning how tragically unfair it was that they were sleeping on the sofa bed AGAIN, and why should Mommy and Papi get a room to themselves, and what about the awesome view, and yada, yada, yada.
I honestly would have ignored her if Emma hadn’t told her, in her most genuine, joyful voice, “Ana, we should just be thankful that they aren’t making us sleep outside!”  
Well, there you go.  There was the guilt.  Not because Emma intended it (she was thrilled about the sofa!), but because I’m a mother, I’m operating on little to no sleep on this vacation, and those two things combined make me very susceptible to Mommy guilt.
And because Wes is awesome, he saw all his plans for the evening going up in smoke and asked unselfishly, “Do you girls want to sleep with Mommy so you can see the falls all night?”  Which they did.  Which left him…
… taking the sofa bed.  Sigh.
Before they fell asleep (you know, five minutes after they laid down – so much for enjoying that view!), Ana said, “That sure was nice of Papi.”  And Emma agreed with, “Our boy is so good to us, Mommy.”
“Our” boy is most definitely the best.  I’m never more thankful for him than when we’re vacationing with our kids, and he goes out of his way over and over again to take care of us better than we deserve.
Thank you, Wes.  You sure won’t be sleeping on the sofa when we get back home…

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