2015 in 2015 – June Miles

So, June has come and gone, and (say it with me) I’m still running.

I’m also dead tired and quite certain that three of my toenails will never ever grow back.  (Eww, I know.)  Has it gotten easier, going out and running 5.52 miles a day just because I said I would?  No way.  Has it become a habit that I go out and do without even really thinking about it now?  Yep.  That’s something, right?

The weather here in Texas presented its own special challenges this month.  I went to the gym when the rain was bad, and when it wasn’t, I ran outside, where it was just a few degrees cooler than the underworld itself.  Y’all, I’m not even joking when I tell you that the same dogs who were dying to bust out of their fences and maul me back in January are now so paralyzed by the Houston humidity that they don’t even raise their heads when I run by them.  And I get their lethargy.  I truly get it.  When we were up north for our epic road trip, I was FAST.  (By my standards, at least.)  Then, I got back to Texas and was rudely reminded that I’m SLOW.  So slooooowwww.  And my first run back was cut short when I was rendered completely blind by matted over, goopy eyes just a few miles in.  What was that about?  Toxic Texas air.  Allergens that my body had forgotten were back in full force, and the sweat, goop, and misery was streaming down my face as I cried, “Texas, why you gotta be doin’ me like this?!  You have my toenails — what more do you want?!”  (The toenails aren’t the state’s fault.  Just mine.  I’m slow, and I have bad form.)

All that said, I concluded this month with…. drum roll, please… 1000 miles!

I didn’t even know that was possible, y’all.  Especially not at a snail’s pace with goopy eyes and half dead dogs lining the streets.  But it happened!  1000 miles!  Woo-hoo!

Up next… 1171 miles…

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