Around Here…

So… things are finally slowing down around here.  I think.

A couple of weeks ago at preteen camp, while the kids were running off what steam they still had after being out most of the day in the 149 degree heat and humidity (it sure did feel that hot), I had a few minutes every afternoon to work on outlining the next book.  This is my first attempt at outlining a book.  I didn’t want to not do anything for a whole five days, and because I didn’t take my computer (which is the only way I can really write anything substantial), I spent the time putting scene order on paper, making sure it all tied up neatly, and firming it all up.

“Wow!,” I told Wes after it was all pretty and neat.  “This book is going to practically write itself with this fancy OUTLINE I’ve made!”  (It’s the little things.  Really.)

And it might have and might still… if I ever get back to writing!  We came home and have been like the walking dead ever since.  When will I catch up on my sleep?!  I don’t know.  I can sleep all night and still feel exhausted.  “Are you pregnant?,” Wes has asked, like he always does.  To which I responded, “You’re just as tired!  Are you pregnant?!”  (And we’re not.  Neither one of us.)

In the meantime, we’ve had one thing after another since we’ve gotten home.  We bought our home three years ago this month, which means that everything comes due THIS MONTH.  And I’m not sure why my mortgage company and my homeowner’s insurance enjoy playing chicken with one another when it comes to payments and all, but they do.  It was made even more awesome this year because a check was sent to the wrong office, and I very nearly lost my marbles over it all because it tripled my work on this end and forced me into hours of sparkling telephone conversation with every person in both companies.  (Or what felt like every person.)  In the middle of all that, I got a summons for jury duty, which I went to for all of an hour then spent two hours trying to get back home on the Metro buses.  I was pretty sure I was never going to see Pasadena again, but it ended up working out with less stress than the whole insurance/mortgage debacle.  We also had a wedding at the church where I was the wedding coordinator and the photographer.  Even with that bit of bad luck on their parts (seriously, I don’t know what I’m doing), they still ended up married.  Win, win! 

Ana and Emma also had birthdays, of course.  Ana turned nine, and two days later, Emma turned eight.  Ana opted to go to Hard Rock Café downtown for lunch on her special day, and we ended the outing by going and riding the ferris wheel and the carousel at the aquarium nearby.  Emma picked Rainforest Café in Galveston for her celebration, and we ended that trip with a volcano dessert and a ride on the river ride they have there.  Both girls declared their birthdays totally awesome, and I declared birthday week DONE.  (Oh, and for those who have expressed some amazement at how we coordinated for those babies to have birthdays the same weekend — yeah, that was just dumb luck that it happened like that.  But it makes for a fun few days every year!)

All that said, I plan on finishing up the first draft of the book this week.  Eeee!  Here’s hoping.  I’ll keep you updated…

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