Let me begin first by saying this.

My intent is not to villainize or hurt women who have an abortion in their past.  I understand that people in difficult, desperate situations make drastic, desperate choices.  As pro-life people, our goal should not just be to save the unborn but to advocate for women, especially expectant mothers, who find themselves in such dire circumstances that they feel abortion is their only option.  At no point in any of the many horrible things that I’ve heard throughout this past month regarding Planned Parenthood and what’s going on there have I thought that we, as people who value life, have easy answers for how to adequately help women in these situations or that we are doing everything we can.
We need to do better.  We need to be people who value young women who go to Planned Parenthood, people of grace who have hearts to help them, and people who are willing to put action to our ideology and beliefs on the sanctity of life.
That said, let me run some logic by you.
In the past when I’ve written about my contempt (yes, contempt) for Planned Parenthood, I’ve had people reason with me that Planned Parenthood doesn’t “just” do abortions.  They do healthcare for women, provide birth control, make screenings for cancer available, and do good work.  I’ve been told that I can’t look at one service that I believe is negative and ignore all the positive services.
Fair enough.  Let’s use that logic in this scenario.
Your child attends a school which is, by popular opinion, excellent.  They teach kids to read and to write.  They provide children with free, nutritional lunches.  Teachers help them to learn skills that will aid them in the real world.  Sure, there’s a back room in the school where several children are molested every day, but, hey — on the whole, it’s a good school!
In what world would we think this is okay?  In what world would we say, “Oh, but the good things they do for children at that school!”
We wouldn’t.  Because we’re not stupid.
I’m not even going to get into the pro-choice/woman’s right end of this because I am frankly so sick of how women, in their exuberance to be in charge of their bodies, have turned from their God-given role as nurterers and bearers of life to crusaders for death.  And I’m so sick of being counted amongst them as I’m being told again and again that every woman who values her rights as a woman should stand for choice.
If our choice is devaluing life and cheering murder (and the subsequent butchering of children, half of them TINY WOMEN WHO HAVE RIGHTS), then we are WRONG.
But I’m not going to get into that.
I’m simply going to leave logic where it is.  Don’t tell me about all the good that Planned Parenthood does.  There’s not enough good in this world to make up for murdering children.

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