2015 in 2015 – July 2015

Seriously… am I still doing this?

A few days into the month, I had this conversation with Wes.
“It’s, like ten thousand degrees outside.  I think six months of running like this is accomplishment enough.  1000 miles!  I’m content with that.”
“Are you saying you want to quit?”
“I am quitting.”
“What about because I said I would?”
“Don’t know, don’t care.”
“What are you going to do now?”
“Not run.”
I went on to spiritualize it, saying that I could devote myself to an extra hour of prayer every day if I wasn’t using that hour to run.  To which the logical response is “you can pray while you run.”  I went on to put a practical spin on it, saying that I just don’t have an hour every day to run when I need to be a good mother to my children while they’re home for the summer.  To which Wes pointed out that I spent an hour the day before sitting on the couch eating ice cream, watching Songify videos, and singing, “BAM!  Hit me hard from the back!  FOOOM!  Fire was everywhere!” while my children played in the next room.  I went on to put an honest spin on it, saying that I just DON’T WANNA DO IT NO MOH, PASTOR.
“You can’t quit.  I’m not going to let you.”
I was about to tell him that the only way he could “not going to let you” me on this one would be to rig up some sort of rickshaw where I could recline, eat ice cream, and watch Songify videos (“oh, no, there’s a BEAR in my bed — no, it’s just Chuck Testa!”) on an iPad while he ran me 6 miles a day, but he stopped me with this logic…
“You’re halfway there!  If you quit now, you’ll spend the rest of the year regretting it.  Then, you’ll have to start over in January and try to do 2016 miles in 2016.  And two years of this can’t be good for your body long-term.”
Hmm.  He had a point.
So, with much grumbling, I kept at it.  And I was doing so good, y’all.  Until the last few days of the month where I waved my white flag after a bug flew into my eye in the thousand degree heat (been there, done that) and took this show back to the gym and the treadmill.  
Three days of running in the air conditioning has made me feel like I might actually still want to do this.  (Well, that may be taking it too far.  It’s at least made me feel like I can do it.)
I was supposed to be at 1171 miles at the end of this month.  I was at 1172.  Take that, bug that flew into my eye!  Take that, apathy!  Take that, ten thousand degree heat!  Take that, Chuck Testa!  
I think I’m actually going to fininsh this challenge.  Will report back at the end of August…

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