I had a talk with someone the other day about the provision of God.

She was facing a problem that seemed insurmountable.  The issue had her wondering what her next step would be, and her concern was that she had no way of knowing, right then, how things were going to work out.  The only thing she was certain of was that she couldn’t possibly solve the dilemma on her own, just as she was, right at that moment.
We affirmed to one another that Scripture is correct, that God can be trusted, and that He will work all things, even this, out for His glory and her fulfillment in Him.  We don’t know the how… but we know Him.  And that’s enough.
It got me to thinking about how sometimes we can’t know what God will do because God is going to do something that we just can’t fathom.  Ever been there?  When God does something that you wouldn’t have been able to comprehend or understand or even begin to apprecate before He did it?  We have finite minds that can’t fully grasp who He is and how He might chose to work.  He’s God, after all, and nothing is beyond His ability.  So, is it any wonder that we can’t always guess what He’s going to do?
Back when I was in high school (you know, twenty years ago), I remember how there was always an emphasis on figuring out what we were going to do next.  Where were we going to go?  What were we going to do?  How were we going to make a life for ourselves?  
We all came up with something, of course.  I’m sure there were some who went on to do exactly what they’d planned back then.  Probably the great majority, though, ended up doing something totally different.  And of all the jobs that were landed and careers that were eventually set, some were things we couldn’t have even conceived of back then — jobs that didn’t exist, careers that hadn’t yet been thought up, and futures that were made reality because of something called the internet.  
For real, y’all.  The internet!  That was all new to us back then, and none of us could have fathomed how, twenty years later, there would be so many jobs and opportunities stemming from this crazy, hi-tech, connected world we now find ourselves in.  We couldn’t have predicted it.  We didn’t even know it was a possibility.  We weren’t at all aware that the game would totally change.  We had limited knowledge based on our finite understanding of how the world worked back then.
I’m not sure if the metaphor is perfect (okay, so I know it’s not), but the provision of God can be similar, can’t it?  Could it be that the problem my friend is facing will be a problem that God resolves in a way and through means that she can’t possibly predict on this side of things?  Could it be that He has a plan that she wouldn’t even know to pray for with her limited understanding of His capabilities and the full measure of His grace?
I think so.
I wonder about the future and about how God is to be trusted because He alone knows the details, is able to change the course of history, and controls time.  If I’m to believe Scripture and what it says about Him, I can rest easy knowing that He is capable and that He does indeed work all things out for His glory and my fulfillment in Him.
We can have confidence in Him, even when we don’t know how He’ll work…

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