2015 in 2015 – August Miles

I feel like I can finally say that we’re past the hottest part of the year… hopefully.

With that, I’m feeling more optimistic about finishing this challenge!  Now that we’re back to a school schedule where I have a few hours by myself every day, I think finding the time to do the mileage is going to be even easier.  Here’s hoping.

The running itself hasn’t gotten any easier, and I really don’t enjoy most of the runs I do these days.  But because I said I would do it, I’m going to do it.  (On the plus side of things, I have about ten different six mile routes through our neighborhood that I could show you.  Because you get bored running the same few routes every single day of your life, so you start getting creative and making new routes.  My Garmin is all, “Whatever.  Six miles is six miles, even if you run it in circles like a hamster on a wheel.”  True enough.)

The goal for the end of August was 1342 miles.  I ended with 1343 miles.  Yes, that one mile is impressive, I know.

Official marathon training starts soon, so I’ll have some off days (woo!) because I’ll be overcompensating with the long runs.  Or maybe I’ll still run every day and just get ahead!  (Or not.  I don’t want to get overly ambitious and injure myself right before the Dopey.  I’ll just be glad to get 2015 miles in by December 31st, y’all.)

Until next time…

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