Win Some, Lose Some

Wes was reading the girls a passage out of the book of Mark the other day.  It came up in the text that Jesus was from Nazareth, and because Ana and Emma have been studying the book of John on their own, they knew a little something about Nazareth.

“Was Nazareth a place that people were proud of?,” Wes asked them.
“No,” Ana said.  “They said nothing good came out of Nazareth.”
“Who said that?,” Wes asked.
“The guy that Jesus saw sitting under the fig tree,” Ana answered.
Wes and I were very impressed that she was able to recall details like this, details that had relevance in more than one book of Scripture.  Her knowledge was crossing books and astounding us all!
Until, of course, Wes asked the next question.
“When Jesus was baptized,” he said, “all three members of the Trinity were there.  Where was God?”
“In the clouds!,” Emma said.  “Speaking from the clouds!”
“Where was the Holy Spirit?,” he asked me. 
“Descending on Jesus like a dove,” I answered him.
And to Ana…
“Where was the Son?”
She looked at him for a long moment before asking, “Was He in the fig tree?”
If that fig tree was a right answer once, surely it could be right again… right?
Win some, lose some.  Love watching the Faulkettes learn…

2 thoughts on “Win Some, Lose Some

  1. Beulah says:

    Hi Jenn, am a new reader of ur book. Today i completed reading “resolutions'. I totally love that one. Concept and everything pretty awesome. Thoroughly enjoyed. Hats off. Sorry i couldn't find ur email id to send a personal appreciation so just commented here. Once again.. Great work!


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