Back from Israel


We’re back from Israel! I’ve washed the Dead Sea from all the clothes in our luggage (which took some doing because that water was oily and spread onto EVERYTHING), I’ve been reunited with my electric toothbrush (who knew I would miss it so much?), and we’ve adjusted back to our own time zone (if by that I mean that I fall into a coma-like sleep at 7pm and wake up at 3am ready to get all the things done like a boss). It’s good to be home!

That said, this past week was AMAZING. Going to Israel has been on our list of must-dos for a long time, but it’s just never come together until now. This trip came along at just the right time, at a price that was too good to pass up and during a season that worked better than most for our schedules. At the end of it all, though, Wes said (and I agreed) that it would have been worth ten times as much to have experienced all that we did, and that this time was a gift to us in more ways than we’ll probably be able to communicate adequately here in a blog. But we’re going to try our best!

For the next week or so, Wes and I will both be blogging about our trip. He was good to keep a running account of the trip on a document on his phone while we were in Israel, detailing all the places we were seeing, complete with pictures, as we saw them so that the finer points were fresh in our minds. I was going to just link his blog to my Facebook page as the different posts came out, but he’s encouraged me to do that AND write some companion blogs to go along with them. So that’s what I’m going to do. If you’re already tired of hearing about Israel, you might want to just ignore the next week (or so) of posts. But if you’re interested in hearing more and seeing the places, you’re in for a treat! And my blog is set up to post directly to my author page on Facebook, so if you’re getting this because you like my books… well, surprise! Join me in Israel for a week. (Sorry. There will be more book posts soon, I promise!)

Can’t wait, y’all…

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