Wednesday Reads – Waiting on Tuesday

Earlier in the year, I picked up a book by a new-to-me author. What prompts me to give a new author a try? Recommendations from other readers, the book’s availability on Kindle Unlimited, and a great looking cover. Yes, I judge books by their covers. Who doesn’t?

waiting on tuesday

Waiting on Tuesday by Lea Sims came highly recommended and was available on Kindle Unlimited, but honestly, it was that cover that did it for me at first. (I mean, look at it! Isn’t that beautiful?) Once I figured out that this Christian romance was about a struggling marriage and God’s redemptive hand at work, I knew I had to read it. I love stories that take an honest look at some of the real difficulties and challenges in marriage, dealing with issues that aren’t always rosy yet still showing God’s power and desire to redeem people and relationships even through hardship.

That’s just exactly what this book did. At the beginning, Bethany and Wyatt’s marriage looked too broken to be salvaged, and it was painful to see what their separation had done to each of them and their children. I appreciated how the author dealt with the underlying issues behind their problems, and while there was definitely one character who was unfaithful and one who wasn’t, she showed that both characters had played their own part in the failure of the marriage. I loved that the book showed that Bethany and Wyatt both experienced personal growth – apart and together – and that they needed the body of Christ around them to help them as they worked to see whether or not their marriage could be saved.

I won’t spoil the ending for you… but it was good. Ha! You won’t be disappointed if you spent the whole book – like I did – cheering for them and pleading with them to just give each other a chance. (So that was a spoiler. Oh, well.)

You should definitely read this one! I totally missed the first book in this series (this is a thing with me) and will have to go back and read the first one now. Both books are in Kindle Unlimited or for purchase on Amazon. Check them out here!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Reads – Waiting on Tuesday

  1. Lori says:

    You definitely need to read Running from Monday!!! That is the book that started me on my journey to freedom and a closer relationship with God. I don’t say this lightly, but Running from Monday literally changed my life!!


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