Wednesday Reads – A Single Spark

This week’s Wednesday Reads is by one of my favorites! Liwen Ho writes the sweetest Christian love stories, and A Single Spark was no exception.


Because I never do anything in the right order, I read the other two books in this series before finally coming back around to this one. (I know, y’all.) It was all good, though, as the details from this book were never spoiled in any huge way in the other two books. This one was my favorite of ALL of Liwen’s books – from this series and her others – because the plot was so unique and well done. Aiden is living his life under a pseudonym, doing his best to move on from his past as the lead singer of a boy band, all while grappling with the loss of his first love. Because of a text mistakenly sent to a wrong number, he finds himself back in the spotlight on a radio show hosted by a woman named Abby, who has her own baggage to contend with as she is just beginning to live her new life in Christ. There’s plenty of angst on both sides, lots of misunderstandings, and so much sadness. But I found myself rooting for these two to get it right, to be honest with one another, and to deal with their past, anticipating a future together.

This was a quick read with a happily ever after, perfect if you’re looking for a sweet story. Check out Liwen’s other books, most of which are on Kindle Unlimited! Woo-hoo!

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