Wednesday Reads – Chasing Someday

There are some writers out there who know how to write swoon-worthy heroes and even more swoon-worthy kiss scenes. Crystal Walton is one of the best, and she does it all while keeping her stories completely clean and so, so sweet.




Chasing Someday has everything that I love about a friends to more story. Chase and Livy are best friends, and each of them clearly has feelings for the other even at the beginning of the story. While Chase is walking through some family concerns revolving around his father’s health and career opportunities that might take him away from their small town, Livy is dealing with her own issues, dreaming of starting her own business while grappling with the past and her choices, searching for a redemption that she’s nearly positive she doesn’t deserve. Both she and Chase are keeping parts of their lives hidden from one another, and conflict ensues. A big part of the plot was Chase’s plan to “coach” her on how to date well, but a lot of that got lost in all that was going on with their lives. I didn’t mind that, though, because the better story was the struggle the two of them had with their own personal issues and their lack of communication. (Although the episodes of dating and coaching did make for flirty encounters, all of which concluded with me saying, “Really?! Can you not tell that he loves you?!”)

I probably shouldn’t have started with the fourth book in this series (I know, I know) because there was a lot of backstory that probably would have been helpful in this one. I felt like all the blanks were filled in and made sense, but if I had it to do over again, I would probably start with the first book in this series and work my way to this one in order. That said, it was an enjoyable read as is, even if I wanted to scream at them toward the end as barrier after barrier kept them from just getting together already! (Patience, my friends. Patience.)

Go over and check out the whole series and Crystal Walton’s books, many of which are (you guessed it!) available on Kindle Unlimited!

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