Wednesday Reads – What Makes a Home

Today’s Wednesday Reads is by one of my favorite Christian romance writers, Jaycee Weaver. This one is her newest book and will be available TOMORROW both for purchase and on Kindle Unlimited!

WMaH final.png

What Makes a Home is the third book in Weaver’s Everyday Love series, but you can enjoy this one as a standalone story, complete in and of itself. In the first few pages we’re reintroduced to Caleb, a geeky guy who finds himself disillusioned with his work and his life in general. On a whim, he decides to buy a fixer-upper of a house, thinking that the task of remodeling it will bring some much needed challenge and excitement to his life. Around the same time, he meets Jobie, a free-spirited artist who is dealing with her own drama (and even more drama to come), and the two of them begin an unlikely friendship, working side by side as they get to know one another better. As the attraction between them builds, so do the stresses of their lives, making for a story that is as much about redemption and grace as it is about love and romance.

I really, really enjoy the romance in Weaver’s books, but I absolutely love that each and every one of her characters is on a journey to know God better. None of the conversion moments in her stories feel fake or manufactured, and when a character does come to know Christ, they still have all of their baggage to work through. It’s always very realistic, and this book was no exception. I don’t want to say too much and ruin anything, but I felt like the God moments in this book were very true to life and that they did a lot to make the characters more endearing. And that always makes the romance sweeter!

You definitely need to head over to Amazon either now to pre-order this book or tomorrow to start reading it right away!

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