What’s Up Ahead

It’s June. How is it already June?! 2019 has just been that kind of year, and while I’m thrilled that the first half came with three Jenn Faulk books, I’m even more excited that the second half will bring us THREE MORE books! (More about that in a bit…)

Here’s what’s been happening with us…

Wes finished his doctorate! After three years of study and research and writing and attending seminars and pulling out all of his hair (or maybe just large chunks of it), Wes graduated from SBTS with his DMin in Church Revitalization. Woo-hoo! We were so proud of him and so thankful that we got to be there in Kentucky to celebrate this milestone with him.


Ana and Emma finished up another year of school at Vidalia Junior High and will be in the eighth and seventh grades in the fall. I don’t even know how that’s possible since they were tiny toddlers just a few days ago. Where does the time go?! So thankful that I get to be Mommy (yes, I’m still Mommy, even at this stage – praise the Lord!) to these precious young ladies. We all headed out to Walt Disney World for a vacation the day after school let out, and the best moments of the trip were all the conversations the four of us had as we unplugged and enjoyed time together. What a gift!


Now that the craziest, busiest springtime ever has ended and we’re officially in summertime, I’m getting right back into writing. Well, kinda. There’s VBS next week and the SBC annual meeting the week after that, but surely I’ll have a few hours every day to keep up with my word count, right? Right?! (I can hear some of you laughing at me, which is entirely justified.)

That said, I’m SUPER excited about the next book, the book after that, and the book after that! All three are going to be so much fun! Here’s a little bit about each one…

Wyatt’s book will be out at some point this summer. (See why I want to be committed to that word count?!) He’s the son of Sam and Faith Huntington, and we met him very briefly in Stuck on You. His story will involve another character you’ve already met (hmm) and will be way more than a love story. Redemption, grace, transformation, and family – all of it will be there. Can’t wait!

Hannah’s book will come out in the fall (I hope) and… well, I don’t want to ruin anything. She’s Scott and Marie Huntington’s daughter, and her love interest will be someone we’ve never met. Woo-hoo! (Because she’s related to everyone, honestly.) And the new guy will be WONDERFUL. I’ll say it again. WONDERFUL. I already love him after writing just one scene. This one will be more than just a love story as well, with a big focus on what it means to be called by God, to live for Him, and to trust Him with the future. So, so excited!

And the final book of 2019 will be a Christmas book. Yay! I’ll be revisiting characters from some of this year’s books as they all gather together to celebrate the holidays. Lucy and Jude, Tate and Edie, and Hannah and her guy will all be there, and I’ve given myself plenty of gray hair trying to figure out the timeline of this Christmas. If you haven’t read Meant to Be or Stuck on You, don’t read this next part. Okay, for those who are still reading, it’s going to fall several months after Tate and Edie have married and right before Jude and Lucy make the move to go back to Swakopmund to live there. All of that is actually a big plot point, along with Hannah and… well, I’m not going to ruin it. But you remember how I said Hannah’s guy was going to be WONDERFUL? He will be even more WONDERFUL in this one. I may have to kick David Connor off the pedestal of best Jenn Faulk book boyfriend after this. (Yes, David Connor is my favorite. Who is yours?!)

Can’t wait for all that’s up ahead! What are you most looking forward to?!

One thought on “What’s Up Ahead

  1. Melissa Hughes says:

    My favorite book boyfriend of your books is Pastor Stephen Hayes…Best Day Ever. Looking forward to….We spend our summer months in the country of Malawi Africa working with our orphan care ministry, Zoey’s Place and hosting mission teams. So, I am looking forward to what God has planned for us and our ministry here and the people coming to share the love of Jesus. Also, looking forward to your next book!


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