Wednesday Reads – Growing in Godliness: A Teen Girl’s Guide to Maturing in Christ

I’m always looking for books to give to my daughters that will encourage and challenge them to walk more closely with Christ. They’re at a transitional point in their lives as they’re entering into their teen years, and I so want to better equip them with sound theology for what’s up ahead. That’s why I was so excited to find this book!

growing in godliness

Growing in Godliness: A Teen Girl’s Guide to Maturing in Christ is exactly what it claims to be – a guide about what it means to grow and mature in Christ, written specifically for young women. The book was Scripture-rich and handled concepts like sanctification without dumbing anything down for readers as a lot of books written for a younger audience tend to do. It still managed to be relatable, though, with illustrations that would be understood by today’s teens and an almost conversational tone to the writing. I most appreciated the author’s intent to point her readers to the Bible, instructing them to find the answers for all of life in the words of God, rather than the words of those around them. I know this has been a major burden on my heart as my girls get older and as we prepare them for life outside of our authority and direction, that Scripture would be their compass and comfort. What a gift to read this book and see this idea affirmed and clearly communicated. I pray that as my girls read it, these words will resonate with them and take root in their hearts, along with all of the Scripture the author shares.

I would definitely recommend this one!

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