Wednesday Reads – Suffering is Never for Nothing


I’ve always been challenged by the teachings and the writings of Elisabeth Elliott. I was able to hear her speak in 2003 and will forever remember how she authoritatively handled the word of God and shared from the riches of grace that she knew. Suffering is Never for Nothing is a book of her lectures from a conference she led several years ago before she went on to glory. It’s well worth the read but is probably best done when you’ve got plenty of time for reflection, as each section is very deep and full of so much wisdom. I appreciate her unwavering faith in God, even as she approaches the topic of suffering – how she remains firm in her biblical belief in the goodness of God, redefining the purpose and aim of suffering around that truth, rather than attempting to change her view of God to explain away the suffering. He’s good – so, so good – so in light of that, here is what my suffering must mean. More and more often these days there are teachings out there that try to change God to fit our circumstances, and it’s refreshing to hear from someone who has been through much suffering and who holds a steadfast and right view of God, defining everything else through the lens of who He is, has always been, and always will be.

Definitely get this book and spend some time considering these things. Or get the audiobook (which is what I did), and you’ll feel like you’re there for the lectures.

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