Wednesday Reads – Second Rodeo

This week’s Wednesday Reads is a brand new book by one of my favorite authors, Leah Atwood. If you’re looking for sweet, clean, Christ-centered romance, you seriously need to get yourself a Kindle Unlimited subscription and read everything this talented author has written. This new book should be at the top of your list!


Second Rodeo is, above all else, a story about redemption and reconciliation. Jesse has been living a life that in no way honors God, and in the process, he’s lost it all – his career, his wife, his family, and his hope. When his ex-wife Brooke reaches out to him in an effort to bring him on board as a worker for her parents’ business (and because she wants him in their son’s life), he begins to seriously walk with the Lord. Everything changes even as the business faces hardship, and… well, I won’t give it all away. I love, love, love stories where marriages are saved against all odds, and this story was one of the best of its kind, true to real emotions and hurts but not lacking in grace, redemption, and transformation that only Jesus can accomplish on our behalf.

Head on over to Amazon and check it out…

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