Friends, I have an another book out! Here’s a little bit about Extraordinary

From death to life…

Jameela has forsaken all that she knows – her family, her culture, her career, and her home – to know Christ. What the Lord has done in her life is extraordinary, but it hasn’t come without a great cost.

Drew is serving Christ in a place that has always been home. His faith is familiar and comfortable, but he’s not allowed the redemptive work of Jesus to transform all the hurts and troubles from his past.

When they meet, it’s providential that they’re able to help one another out in more ways than one. And what was meant to be something practical and just between friends becomes something altogether different as God changes them both in extraordinary ways.

Extraordinary is not just a love story between a man and a woman but a testimony about the redemptive, transforming, and truly extraordinary love of Jesus.

You can get Extraordinary for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription or for just $3.99. Go here to check it out!

Happy reading!

One thought on “Extraordinary

  1. Kathy Blair says:

    Hi Jenn! I’m reading Extraordinary and loving it so far! I just have one question. Drew and Andrea seem really familiar, like I’ve read part of their story before. Were they minor characters in another story, maybe about Andrea? I stopped reading to come check all the books you’ve written, thinking maybe I could figure it out, but it didn’t work out the way I had hoped :o) Am I just imagining all this?


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