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Hi, friends! I’m SO excited that you dropped by!  For those who have asked about my books and a suggested reading order, I’ve created this page.  On it, you’ll find all of my books listed along with descriptions and links straight to Amazon. While each book is a standalone novel with NO cliffhangers or background information needed, reading them in the order they were written in will keep from spoiling any surprises if you intend to read them all. (And all but two of the titles are in Kindle Unlimited, which means you can read them for free with your subscription!)

Hope this helps!  Happy reading!

Resolutions (March 2013) – 1


Three friends, ten resolutions, and a year full of big life changes.

For Emily Fisher and her friends, New Year’s Eve has never been about more than eating cake and watching the minutes until midnight disappear. This year, though, Emily, Sara, and Melissa decide that as they approach the age of thirty, they’re going to make some bold resolutions together and see them through in the year ahead, never guessing how dramatically life will change for them in the process.

As the daughter of a megachurch pastor and the assistant to a sensational and exhausting wedding coordinator, Emily already has her hands full. Using the resolutions as a challenge to make life about more than being a mindless drone at work, she ventures out of her comfort zone – trying new hobbies, picking up new exercise habits, travelling abroad, helping out in new ways at church, DATING – and discovers in the process that there’s more to life than weddings and work. When her family experiences unexpected hardships, Emily is forced to re-evaluate all of her priorities, and the lessons she learns lead her to stronger faith, a new dream for her career, and a romance greater than any that she could have imagined for herself.

Different Stars (June 2013) – 2

For Sara Wright, life is perfect.  She has a booming ministry overseas, fulfilling friendships, and a great sense of contentment in all that she’s accomplished.  When the call comes from the mission board informing her that she’s being moved to a small country in Africa, she anticipates even better success and triumphs in her ministry, her personal life, and her future.

Upon arrival, though, she discovers that Namibia is different.  There’s the language barrier, the loneliness, the poverty, and the all but impossible ministry task ahead of her.  To top it all off, there’s also the frustrating and enigmatic Daniel Boyd, the only other missionary in the country, who annoys her almost as much as he fascinates her.

As Sara learns what it really means to be satisfied with Christ alone, she sees God do amazing things in the relationships around her.  When it comes to trusting Him with all of her future, though, will she be able to trust and do what He’s called her to?

Just Breathe  (August 2013) JUST 99 CENTS ON AMAZON! – 3

Kenji Fisher and Tara Blair have been best friends from the moment that they met.   Through the seasons of life, they’ve grown together and stayed just what they were from the beginning — just friends.
As their work sends them on a project to Japan, they begin to appreciate one another in new ways, all as they question what they’ve believed, who they’ve been, and who they can be.  Half a world away from everything familiar, they experience everything new together, reminding themselves, again and again, to breathe. 

Just breathe.

Best Day Ever  (September 2013) – 4

Chloe Thibideaux is running out of options.  College didn’t work out.  Her parents took away all of her credit cards.  And her social life?  Yeah, that fell completely apart through no fault of her own.  Homeless, alone, and in serious need of some retail therapy, she’s forced to beg her brother, Beau, and his wife, Melissa, to let her stay with them until she can figure out what she’s going to do with the rest of her life.
As she discovers abilities, talents, and dreams she never knew she had before, she begins to learn about who she is in Christ.  With the help of her new community of friends, which includes the “smokin’ hot” Pastor Stephen, Chloe is becoming someone completely new… but will her past and her own defeated feelings keep her from all that God has in store for her?

Even Still (October 2013) – 5

Abby knew, from the moment she married Stu, just exactly what the rest of their lives would look like.  There would be security, stability, and above all else, predictability.  All of the hurts she had experienced as a child through her father’s own failed ministry and the turmoil suffered at the hands of the church were going to be a distant, unpleasant memory.

Stu knew from the moment he began his career that he was in the wrong place.  Determined to change the world, he embraced a calling that didn’t fit who he had become in Christ.  Disillusioned and discouraged, he began to believe that God’s calling for him wasn’t to change the world but to change eternity in the hearts of people through ministry.

As they find themselves in a place they never anticipated, Abby and Stu begin to ask themselves some very hard questions.  What happens when the future you’ve been promised has changed?  What happens when the road ahead is full of unanswered questions?

And can marriage and love survive even still, even when people aren’t who they were?

Ready or Not (December 2013) – 6

Sophia Renee Thibideaux doesn’t need anyone.
With a business empire to rule over, men to admire her from afar, and a perfectly ordered, perfectly put together life, she’s content and in control.  Until the right man turns out to be the wrong man, her business begins to morph into something horrendously tacky, and she finds herself stuck half a world away on a mercy mission to a friend in need.  To further complicate matters, the odd pilot commissioned to translate for her as she does business overseas forces her to take a critical look at all she once thought to be true about life, herself, and God… all while speaking to her heart in a way no man has ever managed to do before.

As everything changes very quickly around her, Sophie begins to consider not what she needs but what she wants.  Will she have enough faith to step out and take it?

A Little Faith  (December 2013) – 7

Faith Hayes is good at solving mysteries.

But when you’re eight years old, some mysteries are just too big to solve all on your own.  As the summer ends and a new school year begins, Faith encounters one mystery after another as life changes unexpectedly for her and her family. 

With the help of her sister, Gracie, she works on solving every last mystery and learns along the way that even if she can’t always know what’s up ahead, she can always trust that Jesus knows what He’s doing. 

She just has to have a little faith.

Promises Kept (January 2014) – 8

It has been a season of loss and grief for Chelsea and her children.  With so many burdens to bear and no relief in sight, she makes the move to a new place, hoping for change and a happier ending to their story.  Just as their futures are being wonderfully rewritten, Chelsea discovers a secret that challenges all that she thought to be true about love, trust, and keeping promises.

Beyond the Game (March 2014) – 9 

Sadie Morales never loses.  She’s built her life on working hard, making great choices, and shooting for perfection in all that she does.  When her friendship with goofy, ugly basketball star Trent Patterson threatens all of her plans, she finds herself questioning all that she thought to be true about life, love, and loss.  Will she find that there’s grace beyond the game, or will she simply run away from what God has for her?

Just Friends (May 2014) – 10

Rachel Finn is always just a friend.  When the man of her dreams marries someone else, she begins to wonder if she’s been missing out on life and shortchanging Christ in the process.  That’s when she runs, very literally, into Micah Johnson.  
Micah is content to be alone after a failed relationship destroyed any trust he had in women.  Still, he finds himself welcoming Rachel’s friendship and valuing her thoughts, especially when his sister’s plans threaten to change his entire future.
Will Rachel and Micah learn together that giving Christ everything means giving every day to Him and having the faith to trust Him?  And is there more to their relationship than being just friends?

A New Tune (June 2014) – 11

a new tune 2
Marie Boyd knows what it means to be a stranger in a strange land.  When she left her native Namibia for the United States, she found her identity in Christ for the first time.  Years later, though, she still struggles to feel truly at home anywhere, reconciling who she was half a world away with who she is now and who she’ll be.

Scott Huntington knows what it means to be the odd man out.  While the rest of his family lives for Christ, he has no need for faith.  When his work leads him right back into church, he asks himself some hard questions about what grace really is and why it makes a difference.

As they meet up on their very different journeys, Scott and Marie find themselves wrestling with questions of love, faith, identity, and grace in Christ… and discover along the way that God’s calling may be for them to discover, together, how to learn one new tune after another.

Pure Fiction (August 2014) – 12

Madison Smith is leading a double life.  With success and security tying her to the choices she’s made, she doubts her ability to live her faith honestly, wondering if she’ll ever be able to live free from her past.

Grant Finn is leading a lonely life.  With success and security tying him to the work he’s made for himself, he doubts his ability to live beyond all that he knows and is working towards.

When life brings them together, they’ll have to choose whether to keep on living like they’ve been living or to try and write a new story together…

Home to You (September 2014) – 13

Faith Hayes was in love with Sam Huntington. 
But years passed and life changed, and Sam and Faith, all grown up into the adults that God had ordained that they would become, weren’t who they had been.  Life, death, loss, and gain became reality for them both, and when they least expected it, they met up again.

Is it enough to know Christ and His sovereignty when the perfect life you’ve imagined for yourself is something that can never be?  Is there more to hope and faith, even when you don’t have all the answers?

Something Better (October 2014) -14

Young photographer taking photos outdoors
Savannah Huntington needs a vacation.  In the worst way possible.  Life has taken on a very empty, depressing tone, and she needs a change.

So, when the opportunity to leave the country to take pictures for the very intriguing Henry Booth presents itself, she welcomes it gladly.  But her exotic vacation soon proves to be more stressful, heartbreaking, and life changing than she ever imagined it could be.

When she returns home, things only get worse.

As she finds herself confronting very real truths about the world around her, about her own life, and about what her future holds, she struggles to understand what it means to be poor in spirit and rich in grace as Christ changes everything…

From Here On Out (November 2014) -15
Kait has a job to do.

As the woman in charge of personnel issues for the mission board, Kait always finds herself being the bearer of bad news.  When she gets word that she’s being sent to southern Africa to force two missionaries into retirement, she readies herself for more of the same and estimates that it will only take her a month to get in, get out, and get on with her life.

But when she arrives, she discovers that the mission board doesn’t know half of what’s been going on in southern Africa.  Life changes for personnel, immigration problems, and an increasing need for missionaries on the field challenge the way Kait looks at her assignment, as does the predicament that one member of the team, Pieter Botha, finds himself in with so many difficulties ahead.

As she walks through it all with him, she’s torn between doing what she’s always done and trusting God for whatever might happen, from here on out…

Anywhere (February 2015) -16
Gracie Hayes was always getting Jacob Morales into trouble.
They spent their days as children going from one crazy adventure to another, with Jacob always following Gracie into trouble.  After years of fun and so many memories made together, they said goodbye when the Hayes family moved across the country, very nearly forgetting all about one another.
When they’re reunited as adults, they find themselves becoming even closer than they were as children.  But life has changed them both, and adventures aren’t as exciting as they once were.  As they face an uncertain future, they’re challenged to learn what it means to be friends, to become family, and to have faith, trusting Christ for the future …

Happily Ever After  (April 2015) FREE ON AMAZON, BARNES AND NOBLE, AND KOBO! -17

Cammie Evans was a girl with a plan from the moment God called her to be a foreign missionary.  After several years spent all over the world, though, she finds herself with a new assignment that leaves her questioning all that she once thought to be true about life, love, and calling.
David Connor was always the weird kid in the youth group, never destined to live up to his father’s expectations.  After several years of working to find his own significance in Christ and his calling as a foreign missionary, he finds himself asking hard questions about who he is and what God wants from him.

As their lives change and the past becomes part of the present, can Cammie and David help one another find their own happily ever after?

Perfectly Pretend (June 2015) -18

Hope Connor has spent her entire life playing pretend.  With a father in high-profile ministry, she’s been forced into life as the dutiful pastor’s daughter, making choices along the way for the good of her family, often to her own personal loss.  When the opportunity to leave it all behind comes, she takes it without looking back.
Craig Lucas has always been a loser.  With a complicated past, a broken engagement, and an inability to go any farther in his career, he doesn’t think it will ever be any different.  When the opportunity to leave it all behind comes, he takes it without even knowing what he’s moving towards.
Then, one little lie changes everything.
As Hope and Craig try to define who they are in light of where they’ve been and where they’re going, they’ll discover grace and restoration for all that was lost as they separate reality from pretend…
Take Heart (August 2015) JUST 99 CENTS ON AMAZON! -19
Aaron Lucas and Libby Phelps grew up together in the same small town.  Apart from a love for Jesus, though, they had nothing in common and barely knew one another.  Aaron’s life was easy and happy, and Libby’s was difficult and full of turmoil.  When the time came for them to move on and move away, Aaron left with great enthusiasm for the future while Libby chose a very different path.
When Aaron comes back home, they meet again.  As Libby learns to trust him and hope for something more than what she’s always known, Aaron’s called to greater faith himself, discovering that Christ alone can heal the hurts of the past and give them a future.
So Like Us (October 2015) -20
 Charity Pearson is about to lose her mind.
It’s been a long time coming, thanks to her sister’s elopement, her husband’s stressful job as a pastor, her lonely days as a stay at home mom, and, oh yeah, all of the drama from her past that just won’t stay forgotten.

When even more theatrics begin unfolding at her church and in her marriage, Charity is forced to confront the past, face her present, and determine where she’ll find her faith for a secure future…

Christmas Surprises (November 2015) -21

Rachel Johnson is about to have the best Christmas ever.
Her house will finally be full of extended family members for the holidays, and she can’t wait for all the fun Christmas surprises to begin.  She’ll get more than she expected, though, when her guests arrive with their own surprises.  Her brother’s marriage is a mess, her husband’s cousin and his family are moving in with them, her mother-in-law has a secret, and the cute puppy they’ve adopted is pure evil.  Surprise!
As Rachel’s plans erupt into unexpected drama, she learns that God is still at work with everyone in their lives and that He may just have a few surprises left, even for her…

Tis the Season  (December 2015) -22

Piper Witt is waiting for a Christmas miracle.
With her ministry out of money and the needs in her community still so great, she’s looking for God to save the day.  Will He come through, just like she’s expecting Him to… or will He do something unexpected in this season of her life?

As she waits on Him, Piper discovers more about friendship, about ministry, about love, and about the sufficiency of Christ than she’s ever known before…

The Plan (February 2016) -23

The Plan

Eli Lucas and Charlotte Jackson have always had big plans. Succeed in business. Prepare for a bright future. Live the great American dream. Fall in love with someone somewhere… eventually. When life doesn’t go according to the plan, they both learn to put their faith in Christ, His plan for their lives, and each other…

A Big Summer  (March 2016) – 24

 Faith Hayes is about to have the biggest summer of her life. With a big trip to visit her aunt in Africa, a big VBS at her church, and a lot of big plans to celebrate going from elementary school to middle school in the fall, Faith is ready for all the fun. But when some big surprises and big disappointments come, she’ll find that her big summer isn’t what she expected it would be. Can Jesus show her that He’s big enough to handle anything?

Taking Chances (April 2016) -25

taking chances

Jill Walker isn’t interested in going on a road trip to the middle of nowhere, especially not with Mark Jackson, the weirdest missionary she’s ever met. Her loyalty to her friends and her church, however, compels her to pack her bags, head out west, and help him adjust back to US culture. Along the way, he helps her to confront her past, deal with her present reality, and consider a very different future. Can God’s best be within Jill’s reach if she’s just willing to take a chance and trust that His grace is enough?


Destination Wedding (June 2016) -26

Adam Pearson and Eve Miller are getting married… and the whole family is coming along for the destination wedding. 
On the guest list are Eve’s newly divorced parents, Erin and Charlie.  Erin is ready to get on with her new life as a single woman, but Charlie arrives in Hawaii with some unexpected news that just might change everything.  Adam’s sister, Amelia, is also mourning the loss of a failed relationship, and when she runs into Caleb, Eve’s brother, she tells him everything, never guessing that he has some tragedies of his own haunting him. 
What was meant to be an escape to paradise turns into one family drama after another.  As the Millers and the Pearsons work through the past and reconcile themselves to the present, will they learn to have greater faith in God and the future He has for them?

Crushed (August 2016) -27

Haley Anderson always wanted to be someone different. Her dreams revolved around being thin and pretty like all the other girls and having a life beyond her small town. Isaac Lucas always wanted to be someone far above average. His dreams revolved around being the best and the fastest of all the runners and making a name for himself beyond his small town.

But one summer finds them both back in the same small town together as they begin to sort out how God might be working a new plan into their lives.

What happens when God’s plans are different than ours? Is it possible to have even greater faith once your dreams are crushed?

Run (September 2016) -28

All Audrey wants is a man with a plan for his life and a heart for Christ. What she gets instead is a letter from Death Row.

WARNING: While this book is contemporary Christian fiction, it is the story of a man on Death Row for the brutal rape and murder of two young women and therefore deals with some topics and details not often found in this genre that may make some readers uncomfortable.

Childish Ways (December 2016) -29
childish ways
Kevin Peterson, a teacher at a small town elementary school, is unexpectedly reunited with Li-sa Walker, a girl who spent most of their childhood tormenting and bullying him, when she comes back to town to help organize a winter carnival to benefit her niece’s school. Lisa has no idea who he is, though, and as they work alongside one another and Kevin sees how much she has changed, he begins to question whether or not he can really trust her and let her into his life.
The New Girl (October 2016) -30

Beth Kirkland has been the new girl a few times in her life. As a pastor’s daughter, she spent her childhood going from one church to the next, saying goodbye to friends and bearing wounds along the way. When she finally settles down into a home of her own, she has no intention of ever moving again, even as the ministry she’s involved with takes some unexpected turns, reuniting her with Joey Anderson, her childhood friend, as he becomes the pastor of her church.

The New Girl is a sweet love story about friends who become more, the relationship between a pastor and his church, and all the ways that God proves Himself to be faithful even in the most trying of circumstances.

You and Me, Baby (November 2016) -31

Aiden Pearson is out of work and out of luck.When he loses his prestigious job as a PR executive, he’s forced to go back home to the middle of nowhere and plan his next move.As soon as he gets there, though, he begins to discover that the life he’s been living wasn’t as fulfilling as he thought it was.As he gets to know and help Laurie, a girl who he knew in high school, he finds that his dreams are changing along with his heart.You and Me, Baby is a love story about coming home, finding redemption, and becoming someone new in Christ.
Obsessed (December 2016) -32
Peter agrees to help Maggie find her daughter, but he has no idea what he’s about to discover. Using unmatched hacking skills, he follows leads that bring more questions than answers and finds himself growing more involved than he intended. When it becomes clear that more is going on than either of them could have ever known, Peter will discover how much he’s come to care about Maggie and the lengths he’s willing to go for her…
What a Christmas (December 2016) -33
Caleb and Amelia Miller are planning on being home alone for Christmas. With their first baby due in a few weeks, they’re anticipating one last calm and joyful holiday… until the extended family shows up, ready to camp out at their house and celebrate the season with them. Surprise!
Aiden and Laurie Pearson are looking forward to a vacation and a break from the stress of their lives back home in Texas. When Laurie discovers that she’s unexpectedly expecting, her stress only multiples as she wonders how she’s going to break the news to her husband.

They all arrive at the Miller house just in time to find that the insanity of the holiday season is already in full swing…

What a Christmas revisits characters from So Like Us, Destination Wedding, and You and Me, Baby as they move forward and spend a very memorable Christmas together.

So, there’s an injured NFL quarterback, an angry feminist blogger, and a whole bunch of dramatic beauty queens, all of them starring in a hit reality TV dating show called He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. Everyone has a secret, someone is leaking information to the outside world, shady characters keep popping up, and there are NO DONUTS in the house. Clearly, it’s a recipe for disaster.
Romance, Reality, and Blog Writers is a story about rediscovering faith and finding love in the place you least expect it…

Meet in the Middle (March 2017) -35

Travis Collins has spent his young life running a business and taking care of his sisters. When his youngest sister leaves for college, he finds himself trying to figure out what his purpose is now that he’s no longer raising a family. That’s when he meets Avery Huntington, who is an independent, free spirit given to generosity that borders on irresponsibility as she lives life completely on her own. As they grow closer, Avery challenges what Travis believes about success, worth, and faith, even as he causes her to ask herself some questions about what it might mean to count on someone else for a change. Will everything change when Avery figures out Travis’s biggest secret, or will they find a way to meet in the middle?

The Same Place (May 2017) -36

If the heart is deceitful above all things, is it ever safe to love someone?
Finn has devoted his life to Christ and to saving prostitutes from the hopeless, dangerous lives they lead. When his sister, Claire, moves to town, she begins to help him with his work alongside his best friends, Rob and Allison. But the four of them don’t know each other as well as they think they do, secrets are being kept, and all that they’ve ever known to be true comes into question when things start to go horribly wrong…

Always (July 2017) -37

What if one emotional choice has the power to change everything?

Jordan Sanders has spent his life trying to be who God wants him to be, and Brooke Collins has been there for every moment along the way. Through hardship and joys, their friendship has only grown and matured, leading them into a new season with unexpected challenges. When the unthinkable happens, everything is called into question. Can Jordan keep his promise to always be there for her? Can Brooke trust that grace and mercy is enough, no matter what?

Always is a redemptive story about finding Christ in even the low moments of life. While it is Christian fiction, the book deals with sensitive topics and details not often found in this genre and may make some readers uncomfortable.

Lost and Found (September 2017) -38

Lost AND Found

Sometimes it takes getting lost to find yourself.

At eighteen and on her own for the first time in her life, Zoe Connor leaves her home as a missionary kid in Namibia to come to Texas and accompany her grandfather, a pastor of high standing in their denomination, on a summer publicity tour. As she gets to know her grandfather and his assistant, Luke, she discovers that there’s a complicated history with the Connor family and that uncovering it all just might lead her to change the plans that she’s making for the future.

Lost and Found is a story about families, about finding love as you find yourself, and about reconciling everything – situations, relationships, and even history – all to the glory of God.

Who You Know (September 2017) -39

Funny and cheerful. Handsome young man making a face while his g

Who you know makes all the difference…

She’s new in town and doesn’t know anyone, but that won’t stop her from reaching out and embracing all the good plans that God has for her. He’s old news and knows everyone, but that doesn’t give him the confidence he needs to step out and do what he knows he’s called to do. It’ll take working together and experiencing the hardships of life side by side to bring them into the reality that God is leading them to live, a reality that far exceeds even their biggest dreams.

Who You Know is a coming of age story set in a world that’s full of trouble, where faith and love are the surprising gifts that God gives to those who find their purpose in His plans…

The Mrs. Degree (October 2017) -40

11222462 - students sharing secrets

Melanie Kinsey has spent her whole life believing that she’s nothing more than a pretty face and a sparkling personality, destined to marry for money and a place in society. When her struggles in school earn her academic probation, she’s forced to get a tutor, and the one who shows up that first day has her suddenly expecting more from herself.

PJ Lucas loves everything about school, from his own classes to the jobs he picks up for the tutoring business that he’s making his own. From the first moment he meets his newest student, Melanie, he sees something in her that no one else has been able to see, and as she wrestles with questions of her worth and God’s calling on her life, he begins to ask some questions about his own life and who he really is.

The Mrs. Degree is a love story about opposites who discover that they aren’t so different after all, finding significance in Christ and His plans, and loving another person no matter what difficult seasons are ahead…

You Again (December 2017) -41

Cute couple in the park on a sunny day

When they met for the first time, Reid and Nora were having a bad night.

Choices they made had complicated their lives, and during the brief moments they shared, they were able to comfort one another. Years later, they meet again, but there are secrets between them because of those past choices. As they fall in love and begin to dream about a future together, all that’s going unsaid is lingering in the background, finally forcing them to ask questions about right and wrong, about the past and the future, and about the depth of God’s mercy.

You Again is a love story about knowing who you are in Christ, coming to terms with your past, and finding redemption, even in the most difficult seasons of life.

Taken (January 2018) -42

Big size collection of black and white newspapers letter clippin

What if you fall in love with someone, but she’s already taken?

What if she’s your best friend’s girlfriend?

Well, if you’re a good friend, you ignore the feelings that you’re having. You forget the fact that she’s everything you’ve ever wanted in another person . . . and things you didn’t even know you wanted. You pretend that your heart doesn’t race a little faster every time you see her. You act like you couldn’t be happier for your best friend.

That’s what you do.

But what if your best friend suddenly disappears? What do you do then?

A stand-alone companion novel to the Chop, Chop series.

First Love (March 2018) -43

Leslie Collins had it all figured out. A successful business, a plan to expand her cupcake empire, and a move back to her hometown so that she could be close to her family again. God had been so good to work out all the details for her, just like that.

What Leslie didn’t count on was running into Blake Young, the boy who broke her heart back in high school. When Blake’s own interests in town turn her plans upside down, Leslie is left plotting revenge and vowing to get even.

Not today, Satan.

Can the past be forgiven? Can there be grace even in grief? And can God change hearts?

All My Days (April 2018) -44

All My Days.jpg

Sometimes the most unexpected surprises are the very blessings that we’ve always needed and wanted…

Awkward and shy Mia spent her whole life believing that she would never fall in love. Meeting the right man would be nothing short of a miracle straight from God, and she certainly wasn’t counting on that happening, which was why she was so surprised when she found Ethan.

Ethan had high expectations for his future, and none of them included meeting someone. Despite his father’s insistence that he keep his mind and his heart focused on work, he couldn’t stop himself from asking questions about why Mia had come into his life just as his future was about to begin, wondering what God had planned for them.

All My Days is a story about what happens when love unexpectedly finds you and how God calls us to have faith in His plans rather than our own…

Picture Perfect (July 2018) -45

Picture Perfect.jpg

Amber’s life is far from picture perfect. A broken engagement, financial ruin, and a loss of direction drive her to plead for mercy from one of her debtors – the best wedding photographer in town, Sawyer Finn. What neither of them realizes is that the deal they work out will change the way they see themselves, their faith, and one another…

Worth It (September 2018) -46

Worth it

Athena Johnson is at a crucial point in her career. To climb any higher in the ranks of academia and the women’s studies department of her university, she must write a book on the cultural and societal impact that the Bible has had on modern day feminism. Easy enough, right? It’s only when she gets deeper into her studies that she makes the somewhat horrifying discovery that God just might not be who she thinks He is and that knowing Him will mean facing a past that she’d rather forget. With the help of Nate, a longtime friend who quickly becomes so much more, Athena will encounter faith and a Jesus that she has never truly known, opening up the future to a whole new world of possibilities.

Worth It is a redemptive story about finding Christ in even the low moments of life. While it is Christian fiction, the book deals with sensitive topics and details not often found in this genre and may make some readers uncomfortable.

Wasted Time (October 2018) -47

wasted time

Bradley Walker has come back home, determined to move beyond his past and all of its hurts and disappointments and make a new life for himself. His first order of business is to sell his childhood home, and in the process, he meets Julie, who works alongside him with the house and begins to dream of a better future with him. But God has more to show Bradley about wasted time, about the past, and about His redemptive grace. All it takes to set His plan in motion is the arrival of one stranger who will change everything. What does a man do when everything he thought he knew about his past is called to question? And can God be trusted to use every hurt and every pain to redeem a life full of wasted time?

Holiday Town (November 2018) -48
Holiday Town smaller.jpg

It’s Christmas in Namibia, and the season is full of drama, love, and faith in the holiday town of Swakopmund.

Beth Anderson, after a life-changing cancer diagnosis and difficult treatment, is a thankful survivor who has gone to Namibia with her family, eager to serve Christ alongside her husband, Joey, in a ministry to local pastors. Before they can get up north to their new home to begin their work, she and Joey come to see that God has brought them right to Swakopmund during Christmas for a very different reason.

Kait Botha is still reeling from a discovery that threatens her marriage and all that she once believed about her husband, Piet. As she buries herself in her work and her life as a mother to four teenagers, she resists Piet’s attempts to reconcile, all the while struggling with questions about her past, who she is, and whether or not she should have chosen the life that she did.

Lucy Anderson is trying to view the move to Namibia as a great adventure. As she navigates being a preteen in an entirely different culture, she grapples with the questions she has about God in light of her mother’s cancer and remission, forming an unlikely friendship with a very interesting young man in the process…

Holiday Town is about trusting Christ with every season in life and finding Him to be faithful no matter where in the world you find yourself…

The One That Got Away (December 2018) – 49

Couple in blue on a beach at Maldives

Seven days in paradise. What could be better?

Stella Finn is certain that she’s got plenty of sunshine and good times ahead of her when she signs on to be the photographer for a very special wedding on a cruise ship. Her clients have paid for her to join them and their bridal party as they head to the Caribbean, and she’s thrilled for the opportunity, eager to set sail and let the fun begin.

Just one problem. Levi Harris, the man who broke her heart years ago, is part of that bridal party, and he’s every bit as shocked as she is by their unexpected reunion. Suddenly, seven days seems like an eternity, and paradise is a series of one awkward encounter after another as they attempt to wade through their unfinished business and feelings, attempting to reconcile the past with the present.

The One That Got Away is a story about first love, redemption, and forgiveness and what happens when messed up people come face to face with the grace of God…

Meant To Be (March 2019) -50

Portrait of kissing couple

It rains and shines all at the same time. Sometimes.

When Lucy Anderson met Jude Botha, she was an awkward, shy preteen, just beginning an adventure overseas alongside her family as they pursued a new ministry opportunity. Jude was the first boy she met in Namibia, and his friendship remained in her heart long after she returned to the States. Years later, she’s on her own in America when she gets a text from Jude, asking if he can see her again.

Jude Botha left Namibia at eighteen, determined to become a rock star in the States. In the years since arriving in America, though, he’s let go of his childhood faith, venturing into a lifestyle that has gotten him no closer to stardom than he was when he started, and living without any real direction or hope for the future. Until, that is, he’s reunited with Lucy.

As Lucy’s summer plans fall through, Jude offers her a spot as a roadie on his band’s tour. When she accepts, she has no idea how much God will change her and Jude both through the experience and how they’ll grow to need and love one another in all the unexpected trials that are ahead.

Meant To Be is a love story full of sunshine and rain, centering on God’s faithfulness through the joys and sadness of life…

All I Ever Wanted (April 2019) -51

smiling couple having fun over sky background

All Jessica Fisher has ever wanted is to be married. She’s spent her days believing that once the right man comes along, she’ll finally be content. When her involvement in a new ministry in her church reveals how shallow her faith is and how her obsession with being married points to a bigger issue, she vows to change for the better. And God’s unexpected help to her during it all? A new believer named Nick Huntington.

Nick has been dealing with his addiction issues, one by one, when Jessica begins volunteering at the same recovery ministry that he leads. Just as he’s beginning to think that he finally has it all together, her growth in the Lord makes him reconsider where’s he at in his walk with Christ and the kind of man he wants to become, challenging him to allow God’s further change in his life.

As they continue down two very different paths with Christ, they’re surprised to find that He just might be leading them in the same direction…

All I Ever Wanted is a prequel to several Jenn Faulk books and is a must read for those who have enjoyed the books about the Huntington brothers. It’s also a story that celebrates the freedom that Christ brings and the transformation that He is continually working out in those who are following Him…

Stuck on You (May 2019) -52

Romantic portrait of people in love

Edie Huntington and Tate Anderson were the best of friends. When grief and loss ended their relationship, neither one believed that they would ever be reunited.

But thanks to Elvis, their story was only just beginning.

Stuck on You is a story about friendship that leads to love, grace that ushers people past grief, and the goodness of God as He works out His best for those who trust Him…

Pieced Together (July 2019) -53

Romantic couple in the night club

Two broken people, finding one another, finding themselves.

Wyatt Huntington is in a season of transition – finding his footing back in the civilian world, adjusting to life as a single dad, and rediscovering a faith that was all but lost to him several years ago.

Caroline Reeves is in a season of grief – dealing with the heartbreak of a broken relationship, experiencing rejection from a family that wants nothing to do with her, and attempting to make sense of what it all means for the rest of her life.

When Wyatt and Caroline meet, they’re surprised to find themselves in the very same place. Can God not only piece together that which is broken but use even the greatest brokenness for His glory?

Where You Are (August 2019) -54

Where You Are

Hannah Huntington gave her heart to God and the mission field many, many years ago, planning on spending the rest of her life overseas. When her foreign work visa comes up for renewal and is denied, she’s forced to come back to the US where she’s reacquainted with Owen Robinson, her brother’s best friend. As she struggles to figure out what God has for her future, she’s surprised to find a kinship with Owen that holds the potential for so much more. As she waits to see whether or not she can go back overseas to the missionary life she’s always known, she questions what it really means to love God and serve Him, no matter where you are…

Close Enough (October 2019) – 55

close enough

Beckett Huntington has no idea what he’s doing. When his job sends him to Dubai, he quickly finds that he’s ill-equipped to understand the culture, function in a foreign country, and deal with all of the stress that has suddenly become such a huge part of his life. He needs help, and on the day that he meets Holly Collins, he’s certain that she’s the answer to a prayer he didn’t even know he was praying. Holly Collins has been teaching in Dubai for several years, at home in a culture so far removed from her complicated past back in the States. As she’s living her life and doing her best to blend in, looking for opportunities to share the love of Christ with those she meets, she runs into Beckett and is immediately put off by his loud insistence that he needs her, until that same love for Christ compels her to do what she can to help him. As they become unlikely friends, the present and the future forces them both to look at the past, to reconcile who’ve they’ve been with who they are, and to imagine a future that might be different than the one that either of them has imagined, as Jesus finds them both, as grace manifests itself more clearly in their hearts, and as they discover that God knows exactly where they are, even when they’re far from home. Close Enough is a redemptive story about forgiveness and grace. While it is Christian fiction, the book deals with sensitive topics and details not often found in this genre and may make some readers uncomfortable.

All I Want for Christmas (December 2019) -56


It’s Christmas time again, and three couples from Jenn’s earlier books – Edie and Tate, Lucy and Jude, and Hannah and Owen – are all spending the holiday together.

Edie is struggling through her first Christmas as a pastor’s wife, dealing with the demanding church that her husband pastors. Lucy is looking toward some big life changes that will involve sad goodbyes, finding it difficult to share the news with her brother. Hannah is longing for an engagement ring from Owen even as she wonders how the most blessed of people can still find it difficult to be content during the happiest time of the year.

As all three couples celebrate in the midst of all that they’re dealing with in their lives, they’ll lean on one another, grow together, and trust God even more…

Unexpected (January 2020) -57


Joey Anderson never expected to fall in love again.

After his wife passed away, he moved halfway across the world, determined to lose himself in pastoral work overseas while settling into a new life on his own.

And then, he met Morgan.

What turned out to be an unexpected surprise for them both was just the beginning.

Unexpected is a love story about faith, redemption, and what it means to truly be a family. Readers who enjoyed Meant to Be will be especially excited to read this story.

Magical (March 2020) -58


The Eiffel Tower. Two strangers. One kiss.


Annika Botha had given up on fairy tales when she met him, when she kissed him, and when she said goodbye to him there in Paris. But three years and half a world later, there he was again – Ben Webber. Suddenly fairy tales – with all of their complications, hopes, and happily ever afters – didn’t seem so impossible after all.

Magical is a light-hearted story about lost love, finding yourself, and trusting God with the future.

Broken (April 2020) -59

wedding dance HD

Aubrey and Tucker had a love story that was meant to have a happy ending. But life doesn’t always work out that way. Can broken hearts and broken dreams, sorrows and griefs, lead them into God’s best for them?

Broken is a love story about loss, restoration, and placing the greatest griefs into the hands of Jesus, trusting that He can redeem every shattered piece.

Extraordinary (April 2020) – 60


From death to life… Jameela has forsaken all that she knows – her family, her culture, her career, and her home – to know Christ. What the Lord has done in her life is extraordinary, but it hasn’t come without a great cost. Drew is serving Christ in a place that has always been home. His faith is familiar and comfortable, but he’s not allowed the redemptive work of Jesus to transform all the hurts and troubles from his past. When they meet, it’s providential that they’re able to help one another out in more ways than one. And what was meant to be something practical and just between friends becomes something altogether different as God changes them both in extraordinary ways. Extraordinary is not just a love story between a man and a woman but a testimony about the redemptive, transforming, and truly extraordinary love of Jesus.

Wanted (May 2020) -61

wanted pic

When Taylor Robinson moved to the US from China to attend college, he thought he would make a difference for Christ with his music, his witness, and his life. But culture shock and loneliness left him reeling, and he walked away from his faith after making several poor decisions. In this troubling place, he asks himself a hard, discouraging question – does God even want him anymore, after all of his mistakes?

Jade Matthews has decided to find her birth mother. She immediately hits a dead end in the process, though, when she can’t even translate the only small bit of information that she has regarding the events in China that led to her adoption and her move to the US. As she grapples with all of her unanswered questions and seeks clarity in it all, she’s plagued with this question – why was she unwanted by her birth mother?

At just the right time, Taylor and Jade meet and begin to attempt to find the answers together, setting out on a journey that will take them around the world and to places they never expected their search to lead.

Wanted is a story about adoption, about grace, and about the love of Christ, which finds us no matter where we are.

Mine (August 2020) -62


Two hurting people. Two continents. Two countries. And the same God, who sees them both and calls them to more.

For years, Quinn Cullen has overseen the panda conservation program in Houston, dreaming of an even greater future for the zoo and its research work. When she’s told that she’ll have to send her most beloved panda, Jin Bao, to China so that he can enter the breeding program in Chengdu, she’s both distraught and angry about the loss. To make matters worse, she’s been told that once she’s home from China, she won’t return to the same job position and that her wealthy father, the panda conversation program’s main donor, has other plans for her. She finds herself at a crossroads, fully feeling the emptiness in her heart and a hopelessness that leaves her breathless.

Hudson Robinson has spent the majority of his life in China and the last several years in Chengdu, leading the breeding program at the panda base there. His life in China isn’t just about his work, though, as he spends a good portion of his time and his efforts sharing Christ with those around him and leading a secret house church. He’s confident that he’s given everything to Christ – his work, his ambition, and his life choices – but still, there’s conflict in his heart over past hurts that have left him wounded. As his breeding program readies itself to welcome Jin Bao to China, Hudson is clinging to his own self-sufficiency and ability to handle anything, never guessing that God is about to change everything.

Mine is a story about love, loss, and letting God have everything.

More (September 2020) -63


Years ago, Andrea Walton kept a secret from Jackson Lawin.

She’s been living as a single mother ever since, doing her best to raise her son to be everything that she dreams he can be. Even as she sees him growing into a young man of great capability, both of them content in the life that she’s created for them, she has a sense that something is missing.

When she unexpectedly runs into Jackson and her secret is revealed, both of them struggle to make peace with the past and with what their choices now mean for the future.

Will God make what was wrong into something right for both of them? And will they discover that there’s more in store for their lives?

Becoming Us (December 2020) -64

becoming us

He’s easy-going and charming. She’s hot-tempered and tightly wound. Can they become better together than who they are apart?

Working through the disappointment of a teaching career that isn’t what he expected it to be, Mason Hayes’ otherwise cushy life gets turned upside down by the sudden loss of both parents in a car accident, leaving him with no one in the world. Until, that is, a half-sister he never knew existed shows up.

Hailee Miller-Garcia would do anything for Gina Bennett, including make a trip to meet the brother Gina’s never known – despite the issues Hailee’s having with her mother and little brother. As Mason’s life becomes entangled with her own, his laidback approach challenges her to reevaluate her own ways of dealing with the past, the present, and her dreams for the future.

Delving past friendship and growing into deeper feelings, it’s clear Hailee and Mason are better together. But the road ahead may be rocky and full of unexpected detours, challenging each of them to draw closer to Christ, work through their issues, and dream of a different future for themselves as they become more than a you and a me – they become us.

Maybe (January 2021) -65

Even with their hearts full of difficult questions, maybe they’ll help one another to find something like peace.

Sunny Takahashi has gone to Okinawa, Japan to spread her grandfather’s ashes and to tell him goodbye. Her faith in Christ leaves her with doubts about her grandfather’s eternity, her entire family’s standing before God, and what her place in God’s will for them should be.

Ryan Botha is running his own tour company in Okinawa, doing all that he can to make his business successful. An unexpected text from a stranger in the US, combined with all that Ryan is struggling with regarding his own faith, leaves him out of sorts when he picks up his newest tour group from the airport, only to find that the group is just one young woman with a box of ashes.

Maybe is a love story about knowing God, about trusting Him with everything, and about finding peace, even when doubts arise.

Unmasked (January 2021) -66

He’s wounded and broken. But the mask keeps her from seeing who he really is…

Will Jones is teaching high school in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Navigating the Covid culture, while challenging and ever changing, is bearable thanks to the school nurse, Cora Franklin, and the friendship that she and Will begin to share as they work side by side.

Cora is a single mother who loves the Lord and is trusting Him for the future. As she begins to have feelings for Will, she begins to imagine him as part of her life for the long term, yet still finds herself wondering at the distance he keeps, as he’s always wearing a mask in more ways than one.

Unmasked is a sweet story about faith and love in the time of coronavirus. While Covid itself is a very serious matter, this story is lighthearted, chronicling the stranger parts of quarantine, social distancing, and all the ways that life changed in 2020.

Lucky (March 2021) -67

Simon Davis is moving home. In an effort to be closer to his aging parents, he’s transitioning from a lucrative career to semi-retirement in his forties, thankful that the opportunity presents itself just after the dwindling of a romantic relationship that he hoped might lead to more. Will he meet someone new in this changing season of his life? Simon’s sure he’d never be that lucky.

Jenny Thompson has finally found a home. In addition to her dream job as an elementary school PE teacher, she has a fulfilling ministry where she’s able to make a difference for Christ in the lives of those who are struggling through financial hardship. She has it all, she’s convinced, until a friend suggests that maybe God just might bring the right man to her after all of this time. Jenny’s sure she’d never be that lucky.

Lucky is a lighthearted story about the joys of ministry, the power of mercy, and the way that God blesses us with some of life’s greatest surprises.

Called – out of publication – 68

Forever (April 2021) -69

Bethany Botha is hurting from a loss that she can’t even bear to speak of, choosing instead to manage her pain by starting a new season of her life in a new place. Nick Huntington is hurting from wounds that he’s never properly dealt with, burying himself in work and the future of his business. When the two of them are unexpectedly reunited, they find that God is just beginning the work of healing in their lives and that He has a beautiful forever in store for them both.

Honestly (September 2021) – 70

Lena Walton’s life is full and busy, but there’s something missing. When she meets Walker Michaels on a flight overseas, she thinks little of the encounter, never knowing that there’s significantly more to him, to his story, and to her future than she could have ever imagined. What follows is a whirlwind social media romance, all done for appearances, for profit, and for the preservation of a secret that the mysterious Walker is keeping from everyone. That secret ends up changing Lena’s life forever, making her whisper of faith in God a mighty shout to all nations…

Fifteen (February 2022) – 71

When Ava Lucas was fifteen, her life changed forever.

Now, at thirty, she is consumed by the driving school she started and runs on her own, and she rarely gives much thought to the past and the pain of that sad season of her life. When a new student enrolls in one of her classes, Ava is caught by surprise by the student’s uncle, Cameron, who makes her question what she thought she knew about grace, about choices, and about the future.

As the truth comes out about the past, will Cameron and Ava be able to work through it? Will Ava discover that the doors she thought she closed on God and His grace were open all along?

Yours (June 2022) – 72

Paul Connor is just starting out in ministry, determined to belong only to Jesus as he prepares for a lifetime of serving Him. As the other young men around him do all that they can to network and make connections to advance their ministerial careers, Paul finds himself considering what really matters when it comes to loving the Lord and His church.

Phoebe Harrison is waiting for a proposal from her longtime boyfriend, certain that her lifetime of ministry will begin with marriage. But when she meets Paul Connor and becomes a part of his church, she’s surprised and challenged to find that she’s already gifted and able to serve Jesus, just as she is.

Together they’ll learn what it truly means to belong to Jesus, completely and fully. Yours, Jesus. All Yours.

Treasure (September 2022) – 73 OUT OF PRINT

The One (February 2023) – 74

Nash Lawin has been in love with Sage Jones for most of his life. When she tells him that she’s signed up for an online dating service, he sees it as an opportunity for her to get to know him as something other than a friend. Using a secret identity, he begins to pursue her, convinced that she’s the one.

When the truth comes out, will Sage see him the same way, or will their friendship be ruined forever?

The One is a story about friendship, romance, and trusting God and His grace in every part of life.