We've been making a lot of meals for church functions and church folks lately. New babies, potlucks, funeral meals, and just because meals - the kitchen around here has been busy, and the girls are always nosing their way in and checking out what's being made. More often than not, they want whatever it is … Continue reading Leftovers


My newest book, Lost and Found, is now available for pre-order! It's set to release on September 1st, just in time for Labor Day weekend. How fun is that?! This one is like the 37 books that come before it - a stand alone story that needs no background information or connection to other books. … Continue reading Background

Where You Are

Last Friday, the Faulkettes started another year of school. Ana is a sixth grader, and Emma is a fifth grader. They're old enough now¬†to know the routines involved in the first day of school, and they handled it like pros, even with Ana moving to the middle school. They knew what to do, and they … Continue reading Where You Are