Good-bye, Bonnie Blue…

We had some sadness today. Our youngest dachshund, Bonnie Blue, unexpectedly passed away. Looking back, there were some warning signs that all wasn’t well — lethargy, drowsiness, change of appetite, bleeding, etc. Still, though, it was a shock to have to say goodbye so suddenly. We’re very thankful that she had come home to us, that we were able to spend her last few days with her, that we were all together one last time. I feel very sad that I didn’t realize she was in pain, that she was outside when she passed and not in my arms… that Ana never did get her name right and spent those last few hours calling her “BeeCees.” Praise God for many, many happy memories.

Blue, if there’s a doggie heaven, we know that you’re there, snubbing the other dogs and hiding underneath a really nice couch. We love you and miss you…

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