Last year, the girls and I read through the entire Bible together. It was the first time the girls had done so, and they were so excited to have finished that they were eager to do it again in 2018. We switched over from a start to finish approach to a one year Bible. Each … Continue reading Grace


Last week, our family headed out on vacation. This wasn't just any vacation, though. It was one we'd been planning for over a year and one where both sets of our parents had agreed to join us. The destination? Alaska! I'll go ahead and put this out there as a disclaimer because I know it's … Continue reading Alaska!


Ahh... it's summertime again! I have to say, this year it really snuck up on me. While I'd like to blame the majority of that surprise on the move and everything that entailed, the truth is that this year has FLOWN by! Can you believe we're nearly halfway through 2018?! That said, here's an update … Continue reading Summer!