Can I just say that the extra hour of sleep this morning was exquisite? When Wes woke me up, the sun was already up. So nice! I had an even greater blessing in store, though, when I went into the kitchen to find two tots already sitting at the dining room table, eating pancakes and blowing kisses to me. Apparently, Papa had gotten them up and cooked for them, letting me sleep in. What a guy!

The Fall Festival went well. I was, admittedly, a bit pessimistic, not knowing what kind of turnout to expect since our church hasn’t done anything like this in recent years. We had about fifty children and their parents come through during the two-hour stretch, the great majority of them from the neighborhood and not yet involved with our church. I was so impressed by the willingness of church members (of all ages!) to volunteer their time and energy for the whole evening. I hope they left encouraged by the experience and feeling as though their effort made a difference. The event was definitely a success. Whew!

Ana and Emma were so fabulous last week. So much sleep deprivation, delayed meals, overtime hours up at the church — bless their little hearts, they were PKs-to-the-max! It was inevitable that yesterday, before lunch, their tanks finally hit empty. Emma, who spends hours on end marching around the house, would just stop, fall over, and scream. We gave her lunch early, which helped, so we attempted the same with Ana. It didn’t work as well. She just cried and cried over her chicken nuggets, begging me, “Mommy, Mommy, ayudeme!” (Thank you, Dora the Explorer, for complicating our already garbled toddler-speak with elementary Spanish.) We finally convinced her to eat (which DID help) before we took them both to their beds for a nap, where they slept for the entire afternoon. Poor babies! They woke up at dinnertime and were extra snuggly. Emmy let me play with her hair, and once Ana saw the cool hairdo, she wanted one, too. And then, shock of all shocks, they actually posed and SMILED for a picture together! (That must have been one amazing nap!)

We managed to go grocery shopping after dinner, and they were in such good spirits that you could hear them laughing at each other all through the frozen food section. So sweet!
Hope your week is off to a great start…

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