Faulkette Funnies

– While I was ironing, Ana told me, “When you finish burning that shirt, you will need this hanger.” Burning that shirt? Ana has gotten wise to my ironing skills…

– Ana to me, on why we couldn’t all four wear Hawaiian outfits to church, “Papi has to wear a suit. If he wears a Hawaiian shirt, people will scream at him.” She’s more right than she knows, y’all…

– When I said that I wished Emma hadn’t fallen asleep on the couch, Ana walked over to her, put her mouth next to her ear, and yelled, “WAKE UPPPPPP!!!” When Emma began crying, Ana proclaimed, “That worked!” Yeah, thanks a lot, Ana.

– Emma, strumming on a Princess and the Frog plastic ukulele, to Ana, “Papi wants me to play this at the church.” Wes assured me that he does NOT want her to play that anywhere. Sad day for Emma.

– Ana, “We should play the quiet game.” Emma, “I don’t wan –” Ana, “YOU LOSE, EMMA!” At least she’s clear on the game rules.

– Emma, saying her bedtime prayers, “God, make Jesus stay in His room. Amen.” Pretty sure this was because I prayed that she would stay in her room, and she just figured if it’s good for Emma, it’s good for Jesus. Either way, folks, this is the depth of three year old theology — you stay where I put you, Jesus!

– Ana to me, while eating a Blow Pop, “Did you used to eat these yesterday when you were born?” Prompting me to say, “Ana, I wasn’t born yesterday.” Ha!

Hope you have a great weekend! We’re off to Bark in the Park! Eeee!!! Pictures to follow soon, I’m sure…

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