Fabulous February!

I’ve said before that this February is going to be FABULOUS, so what better way to start off my February blog posts than with a picture of a fabulous fashionista…


To be honest, February is not all that fabulous right now. While it’s been nice to have Ana home for school for two days now (three, if you count the fever she had on Monday) the single-digit temps that prompted it aren’t as nice. The snow hasn’t melted one little bit, but I’m confident that this entire month won’t be spent in indoor icebox living. Here’s hoping!

We’re kicking off the fabulous fun this weekend with football. We’re having a youth Sunday pancake breakfast, then a Souper Sunday lunch for the entire church, and finishing off with Super Bowl parties. I only recently figured out that the Super Bowl is actually in Dallas this year. (Arlington, actually.) It seems a shame that the one time the game is practically in our backyard we don’t have tickets. Yeah, it’s a real shame that I’m not going to be sitting in traffic, then freezing to death trying to get into that game. What a shame!

The girls are looking forward to celebrating Charlie’s birthday next week. How do I even remember when his birthday is? 2-10-2010. Pretty easy to remember that. We had big plans to make Charlie something special to eat, but given his Sunday explosion, I think those plans have been scrapped. The girls are still excited, though!

I have it on good authority (ie, I was there when he did it) that Wes will be a true Valentine hero this year. The girls found these dancing dogs during the Christmas season that they LOVED, but by the end of all the festivities, they still hadn’t gotten them. They were twenty dollars each back then, but they were recently clearanced to seven dollars. Wes picked two of them up, and his praises will be sung for doing so, let me tell you. Emma is all about “Papi will be MY Valentine!,” but Ana keeps telling him that she needs to find a boy who doesn’t belong to us who can be her Valentine. Maybe she’ll change her mind when she sees that dancing dog…

On Tuesday, February 22nd, I’m participating in a little “blog tour” for Kathi Lipp’s newest book, The Me Project. You will definitely want to come back and comment on that post as doing so will enter you into a grand prize drawing from Kathi’s publishers! What will you win? Let’s just say there’s a lot of coffee involved. Check back on the 22nd for more details!

Perhaps the most fabulous thing about this February is how we’ll conclude the month…. you’ll have to check back in March to see what exactly we did…

Hope you’re keeping warm!

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