Busy June

It seems like I forget I have a blog during the month of June, doesn’t it? I really don’t forget, but since June finds me living at the church, there isn’t much time to do anything else but… well, church. In a couple of weeks, I think there will be a break in activity! (At least, I hope there will be.)

Last week, we kicked off Vacation Bible School with a block party on Sunday night. Our niece, Kendall, came up to spend the week with us, and after packing the girls in the car like sardines in a can (I could barely buckle them up!), we started going to and from the church with Wes every day so that one of the girls could ride with him. That meant the girls got lots of time every day to run around the church yard, run through the building, hang out with the youth afterwards, and spend almost all of our time at the church, from 8am in the morning until about 3pm in the afternoon. (I think the youth, who were working on a sign for youth camp, were glad that the girls were there because they brought Disney movies with them to project onto the big screen on the wall in the fellowship hall. Who wouldn’t appreciate a little bit of Tangled after a long day of VBS?)

I taught the preschool and kindergarten class this year. Well, actually, Tobias the Zebra taught the class.

He was far more entertaining than me, so I just let him have the floor most days. The kids were appropriately thrilled. The VBS crowd was smaller this year than in previous years, but I honestly think it was one of the best ones we’ve had. The kids really seemed to understand the stories, even the very little ones were able to memorize the verses, and the songs were catchy enough that Wes and I still have them running through our heads. Jambo!

Here are the little ones singing…

So much fun!

During VBS week, Wes took Charlie in for his first set of adult shots. I’m glad I missed the appointment because Wes told me that when the vet tech went to check Charlie’s temperature, he tried to bite the thermometer out of her hand. They ended up muzzling him for the exam, and Wes had to lie across him to keep him still for the shots. Sad day. I’ve never seen Charlie show any aggression at all, so it worried me to hear about this. Wes said that as soon as the exam was over, they took the muzzle off of him, and he was perfectly sweet and nice to everyone again, so I guess it wasn’t anything to be concerned about. (Just a normal reaction to everyone being all up in his business!) The vet did comment that Charlie is the strongest and biggest GSD he’s ever seen…

… and, in my opinion, the most handsome. Even with all of his hair falling out everywhere. Which it is.

Anyway, VBS ended on Friday, and we were on the road literally minutes afterward, driving down to Texas for the 10K. We drove back up on Saturday afternoon, and that case of Dublin Dr. Peppers that we brought with us? Yeah, we now only have six cans left. Mmmm…

The girls stayed behind in Texas to spend a week with Gram and Gramps. This has given me an opportunity to shampoo the carpets. Woo-hoo! Exciting times here at the Faulk house. I did find it ironic that the same day I picked to do the living room was the same day that it rained. Not a lot of rain, just enough to make Charlie’s paws nice and muddy. He was, however, thoughtful enough to track most of the dirt all over the deck and not into the house on the clean carpet. Good dog!

This week, the church is helping out with World Changers, a program that’s brought teens in from all over the state and neighboring states to do construction work around town for people in need. A couple of our church members are leading a team that’s doing work on the local women’s shelter, and when I heard that they were involved, I thought that they were likely doing most of the work and having teens assist. When we visited the site yesterday, though, we saw teenage girls using heavy-duty power tools! It really is a group effort, and we’re so excited that our church gets to play a part in it. One of the teams is even re-roofing a local church this week. So incredible!

The girls come back home on Friday (hooray!!!), then we’ll have a relatively calm week… then, it’s on to youth camp.

Whew. I’m tired just thinking about it.

Hope your summer is going well so far!

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