OKC Kelsey Briggs Half Marathon

Today, we ran our second half marathon.

The Kelsey Briggs Half Marathon was held at Lake Hefner, here in OKC. As you would expect, the temperatures were much cooler than they were at our first half marathon a couple of months ago, so Wes and I were both able to improve our times. And BOTH girls ran the last few steps with each of us. Another great finish!

But perhaps most exciting of all was the fifty yard dash! Ana and Emma put all that training they’ve been doing to good use, sprinted to the finish to much cheering, and were awarded some really big, really awesome medals. (Both girls celebrated the win with some granola bars. Hey, you’ve got to replenish all those lost calories as soon as the race is done, right?)

Next up… the FULL marathon! Eek!

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