Happy Holidays!

This was posted by my husband on December 16th on his blog, www.wesfaulk.com. I thought it was definitely worth reposting in its entirety. Enjoy!

The battle has gotten fierce. Both sides have set hard lines that they are not willing to cross. You can hear the stories of the great battles that each side has fought for their cause.

“One day I went to (name your department store) and as I was checking out the clerk told me ‘happy holidays'”.
“I got a letter in the mail the other day from that company and they had the audacity to tell me tell me happy holidays”.
The argument over secular business using the terminology “Merry Christmas” has grown every year. I have seen a number stickers that say “we say Merry Christmas”. For the past few years FBC Dallas has published a “grinch list” where people can tattle on local businesses that do not address the holiday with its proper holiday name.

Deep down, In don’t think Jesus cares if my local supermarket and department store, filled with people who don’t believe in Him, use the phrase Merry Christmas.

Uh oh, Wes, do you not love Jesus, do you not care for His birth, do you not want every one on earth to hear about Him?

To put your fears to rest, I have not fallen off the wagon. I simply believe that it is not a secular company’s place to share the gospel. It is my job, and it is your job if you are a believer. I have heard story after story of Christians who will correct employees with “it’s Merry Christmas.” What that shows is that we care more about a greeting and less about that person.

When Jesus came to this earth 2000+ years ago he did not come so that we could christianize the vocabulary of the communities that we live in and make them look Christian. A lost community that says Merry Christmas is still lost. He came so that we would have good news of great joy for all people. He came so that we might share the preciousness gospel that could transform a sinner’s heart. He came so that the lost would be found. He came so that those trapped under the burden of sin might be freed.

Perhaps this Christmas, instead of arguing with clerks over saying holiday terminology, we could pray for them. Perhaps this Christmas, instead of hating those who use the obscene holiday word we could love them. The job of Christ’s gospel declaration does not lie in the hands of American business owners, it lies in the Christian’s hands.

Today as your waitress tells you happy holidays, pray with her, and then tip her an extra 15 percent. When you go shopping, take an extra moment to love on the department store clerk who is probably worn out from the extra hours she works. Let’s stop fighting over Christmas and celebrate it.

Perhaps this Christmas, instead of telling people why Christ is necessary in a phrase, we can show them why He is necessary in our lives.

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