The Book! The Book! The Book!

Three friends, ten resolutions, and a year full of big life changes.

For Emily Fisher and her friends, New Year’s Eve has never been about more than eating cake and watching the minutes until midnight disappear. This year, though, Emily, Sara, and Melissa decide that as they approach the age of thirty, they’re going to make some bold resolutions together and see them through in the year ahead, never guessing how dramatically life will change for them in the process.

As the daughter of a megachurch pastor and the assistant to a sensational and exhausting wedding coordinator, Emily already has her hands full. Using the resolutions as a challenge to make life about more than being a mindless drone at work, she ventures out of her comfort zone – trying new hobbies, picking up new exercise habits, travelling abroad, helping out in new ways at church, DATING – and discovers in the process that there’s more to life than weddings and work. When her family experiences unexpected hardships, Emily is forced to re-evaluate all of her priorities, and the lessons she learns lead her to greater faith, a new dream for her career, and a romance greater than any that she could have imagined for herself…

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know that I finished writing my first book, Resolutions, last fall. I’ve spent the months since then exploring opportunities for traditional publishing and self-publishing, neither of which I knew much about when I started. On the advice of my husband, who is awesome (have I said that before?), I’ve decided to go ahead and self-publish the book… THIS WEEK. Yes, THIS WEEK.

Resolutions is a fun story about friendship and faith. If you like chick lit, you’ll love this book. If you like Christian fiction, you’ll love this book. If you like romance, you’ll love this book. If you love my witty humor, you’ll love this book. If you love (insert something you love here), you’ll love this book.

Do you get my point? YOU’LL LOVE THIS BOOK.

I’ll be posting on Facebook and Twitter as it “goes live” this week, so if you’re not following me there, please hop on over and search for Jenn Faulk. Please feel free to share any and all information about the book with your friends, family, co-workers, church members, random strangers, and household pets, and tell them, “YOU’LL LOVE THIS BOOK.” (And I will love you forever for doing so. I promise!)

Stay tuned, friends…

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