Running Streak

The weather here in Houston has changed.  What has it changed into?  Houston.  It’s changed from that weird cool weather we’ve been having into… Houston.  Blistery hot in the shade, humid twenty-four hours a day, and just a few degrees cooler than Hell itself.  (Or perhaps it’s hotter.  I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.)

Days like these leave me tempted to take a break from running.  But it I take a break from running now, planning to get back to it when the weather cools off… well, I could still be waiting come Christmas, y’all.  Because that’s just what happens here.  So, I’m not taking a break. 

But I need more than that.

To keep myself motivated when there are so many reasons to just not run at all, I’ve accepted this challenge right here.  Yeah, I know, I’m posting about it a little late.  But I’ve been faithful to hit the road every day since Memorial Day, even when my GPS gave up the ghost and croaked, proclaiming on its way out that it’s HOT.  Too hot for the GPS, people.  But not too hot for this challenge!

Just posting this info here in case YOU are challenged to do this or something similar as well.  Those who are stellar, serious athletes likely don’t need the encouragement… but this out of shape former band nerd sure does!  And maybe you do, too.

Let us all join together, then, and bask in the awesomeness that is running at least a mile a day in a place that would make the devil himself sweat.

Happy running, friends!

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