Even Still

Abby knew, from the moment she married Stu, just exactly what the rest of their lives would look like.  There would be security, stability, and above all else, predictability.  All of the hurts she had experienced as a child through her father’s own failed ministry and the turmoil suffered at the hands of the church were going to be a distant, unpleasant memory.

Stu knew from the moment he began his career that he was in the wrong place.  Determined to change the world, he embraced a calling that didn’t fit who he had become in Christ.  Disillusioned and discouraged, he began to believe that God’s calling for him wasn’t to change the world but to change eternity in the hearts of people through ministry.

As they find themselves in a place they never anticipated, Abby and Stu begin to ask themselves some very hard questions.  What happens when the future you’ve been promised has changed?  What happens when the road ahead is full of unanswered questions?

And can marriage and love survive even still, even when people aren’t who they were?

Friends, we’re two weeks away from another $2.99 novella release!  Yes, on OCTOBER 15TH, Even Still will go live on Kindle!  (It will also be available in paperback from www.amazon.com.)

Just like the last novella, Even Still takes place a generation after my full-length books and includes characters you’ll remember from Resolutions.  As a bonus, this story sets the scene for other novellas and novels that are due out in 2014, so you’ll definitely want to check it out if you ever plan to read another Jenn Faulk book.  (And I sure hope you’re planning on doing that!)

Until then, mark your calendars for October 15th!  I’ll be posting on the Facebook fan page and here on the blog as the publication date draws near.

Happy reading, friends!

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