Ready or Not!

Sophia Renee Thibideaux doesn’t need anyone.

With a business empire to rule over, men to admire her from afar, and a perfectly ordered, perfectly put together life, she’s content and in control.  Until the right man turns out to be the wrong man, her business begins to morph into something horrendously tacky, and she finds herself stuck half a world away on a mercy mission to a friend in need.  To further complicate matters, the odd pilot commissioned to translate for her as she does business overseas forces her to take a critical look at all she once thought to be true about life, herself, and God… all while speaking to her heart in a way no man has ever managed to do before.

As everything changes very quickly around her, Sophie begins to consider not what she needs but what she wants.  Will she have enough faith to step out and take it?

Friends, we’re nearing the release date for Ready or Not, another chick lit book that I’ve been soooo eager to share with you!  On DECEMBER 2ND, Ready or Not will go live on Amazon and will be available in both Kindle and paperback formats.  As with my other books, this one revisits characters you’ve already met and a certain little country in Africa that you may have already visited with some of those characters.  Even if you haven’t read any of the other books, though, you’ll still be able to jump into Sophie’s story without knowing any of the background.

Annnnndddd I think you’ll totally love it.  Almost as much as Willem enjoys a night at Nando’s and a cup of Rooibos.  (And you’ll totally get that after you’ve read the book.  Trust me.)

Mark your calendars and plan on giving yourself an early Christmas gift this year!  December 2nd!  Eeeeeee!  Can’t wait!

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