Ana’s Ally

The other day, Ana told me she’d take me out to lunch if she could drive.  I told her that she wouldn’t be able to do that until she was sixteen.  She told me that she’d SO take me out for lunch when she was sixteen.  I told her that was sweet but that she would likely be more interested in going out to lunch with friends.

This prompted Ana to say, “Or my boyfriend.”

Which prompted Wes to butt into the conversation.  Of course.

“You’re not going to have a boyfriend when you’re sixteen.”

Ana crinkled her nose at him.  “Why not?”

“Because,” he said, “I’m not letting you date any boy unless he intends to marry you AND unless he has a real job.”

Ana thought about this for a second.  And, God bless her logical little heart, she offered this excellent rebuttal.

“Well, maybe when I’m sixteen, I’ll have a boyfriend who’s twenty.  He’ll be ready to get married, AND he’ll have a real job.”

Wes didn’t miss a beat.  “If you come in at sixteen with a twenty year old boyfriend, I’ll be meeting him at the door with my shotgun.”

She gasped at this.  “Papi!”

Oh, Ana.  You really WILL want to take me out to lunch when this day comes and I’m doing all I can to keep your Papi from scaring away good, decent, God-fearing boys who just want to spend time with you.  I will be your ally, Ana!

Fun days up ahead…

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