Beyond the Game

Sadie Morales never loses.  She’s built her life on working hard, making great choices, and shooting for perfection in all that she does.  When her friendship with goofy, ugly basketball star Trent Patterson threatens all of her plans, she finds herself questioning all that she thought to be true about life, love, and loss.  Will she find that there’s grace beyond the game, or will she simply run away from what God has for her?
My newest book, Beyond the Game, will be available ONE WEEK FROM TODAY on Amazon!  I’m so excited about this book… and so excited that I talked Wes into reading it.  He finished it in record time and concluded that it was really good.  So good, in fact, that he WANTED to read it.

Wes Faulk, wanting to read a chick lit book?  High praise, indeed, y’all.

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as he did.  Seven days and counting…

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