From Here On Out

Kait has a job to do.

As the woman in charge of personnel issues for the mission board, Kait always finds herself being the bearer of bad news.  When she gets word that she’s being sent to southern Africa to force two missionaries into retirement, she readies herself for more of the same and estimates that it will only take her a month to get in, get out, and get on with her life.

But when she arrives, she discovers that the mission board doesn’t know half of what’s been going on in southern Africa.  Life changes for personnel, immigration problems, and an increasing need for missionaries on the field challenge the way Kait looks at her assignment, as does the predicament that one member of the team, Pieter Botha, finds himself in with so many difficulties ahead.

As she walks through it all with him, she’s torn between doing what she’s always done and trusting God for whatever might happen, from here on out…

Friends, my newest book, From Here On Out, is available NOW on Amazon!  What happened to the pre-order?  Oh, y’all, I submitted everything to Amazon and forgot to click one stinkin’ box on the publishing rights.  That one little box (that should be highlighted with arrows, bold italics, and fireworks) made the difference between making the book available for pre-order and publishing the thing early.  Errrrrrgggggghhhhh.  (Ana, my brilliant third grader, was sitting next to me as I did it and confirmed that, “You just published that book!”  To which I said, “No, man, I… oh, wait… eeeerrrrrggggghhhhh!”  Ana to me, “Yeah, I told you.”  Yes, my third grader is smarter than me.)

So, my December book… is my November book.  I’m not going to make a big deal about the new book until December, though, because we still have that FREE book giveaway going on tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday.  And I’m going to be so busy making a big deal about the giveaway that Kait’s book will just have to take a number.  But I figured that those of you who’ve been waiting eagerly might appreciate getting it early.  You can give thanks around the Thanksgiving table that I’m an idiot and that I didn’t listen to my third grader.  (I’ve learned my lesson!) 

Happy Thanksgiving, and happy reading…

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