Christmas Sale!

It’s here!  Christmas is THIS WEEK!  (I know what you’re saying.  How did it get here this fast?!  It totally snuck up on me, too!)

If you’re like me, you always hope that there’s an Amazon gift card waiting for you under the tree so you can load up your Kindle and read your way through Christmas break.  And if you’re like me, you’re always looking for a deal so you can get more out of that gift card.

I want to help you out with that by offering a deal.

For the next seven days, December 21st-27th, FOUR of my books will be discounted.  Pure Fiction, Beyond the Game, Perfectly Pretend, and Take Heart are all available for 99 cents each, starting TODAY!  This is a great time to catch up on books you’ve missed, to share them with friends who haven’t read them yet, or to just feel like a bargain shopper by getting them all — one novella and three full length novels — for under five dollars.  I mean, who doesn’t want to feel like a bargain shopper, especially when finding a deal means hours of reading?
Here’s what readers are saying about each of these books…
Once again, Jenn has topped herself. What a fabulous piece of writing. I love how she presents the real-life conflicts that many of us face – will we follow the easy road that leads to fortune, or will we follow the “path less traveled by” and realize what a true difference it can make in our lives when we do? It’s a quick read and I honestly couldn’t put it down. It’s just what I like in a good book – one that leaves me wanting more and dying for when the next one will be available!!”
“Just found this author a couple weeks ago. I’ve breezed through 5 of her books so far. Each one is just as good as the last. You won’t be disappointed. This is a sweet story of Maddie who learns to live out her beliefs and Grant loves her through it. So good… “
I think that this is probably my favorite book! My favorite book ever! I am reading it for the fifth time and I still love it just as much. I love how Sadie and Trent go from working together to seeing if there is something more. I also love how he pursues her even with her perfectionist nature. I like how her feelings and her perception of him changes as she comes to know him. Most of all I love the message of forgiveness and not expecting perfection because, honestly? No one is perfect. If you are looking for a sweet read choose “Beyond the Game”!”
I loved this story. It was my third book by Jenn Faulk and so far my favourite. I love the story of Sadie and how she struggles with her need for perfection. It was frustrating (in the kind of way a reader wants to be frustrated!) to see her get in her own way, I also liked that the issues that were dealt with were real issues that would legitimately cause anyone pause, and I love how Jenn made us fall in love with Trent even while he is described as a “big ugly dufus”! Obviously I’m a big fan of her work and I definitely recommend this one.”
“I very very rarely give 5 star ratings, although I read a lot of inspirational romance. This was a great book. The humor, the realities of pastoral ministry, the realness of the characters in ministry…(I’m a pastor’s wife, btw.) The totally inspiring stuff about prayer, truth spoken, teamwork in ministry.
The romance, which I liked especially because of who hope was. It felt realistic, not suddenly developed and utterly fictional. Original and unique. I’ve read this author several times now. Her others have been good, but this is my favorite so far. One more thing…I was a little nervous when reading the promo blurb that this would be some non-realistic marriage of convenience story. It traveled a better path. You’ll have to read it yourself to find out more! :)”
Loved the book! I loved how the ‘normal’, flawed characters, who loved the Lord, were still able to serve God despite their flaws and the crazy situation they were in. The book was fun, intriguing, romantic, real and full of the gospel.”
“Love Aaron and Libby! He was born to care for her and she was born needing a hero. Life happened, as Libby said, and stuff got in the way! God was faithful and the two young people found their way back together. Max adds so much warmth and depth to this story. Libby’s sister Riley causes bumps along the way, and she proved that not everyone is willing to change. There are twists and turns along the way but the ending is nothing short of an amazing happily ever after.
I laughed, I screamed and I cried as I read this book. Just the latest in great books by Jenn Faulk. All are stand alones and all are amazing and inspirational. However they are better when read in order!”
“I have loved all of Jenn Faulk’s book and read them all embarrassingly fast because I couldn’t put them down. But I think this one’s my favorite. Such a sweet story and I can just imagine Libby’s life!”

Y’all, I’m so excited about this Christmas sale!  Books for 99 cents!  Woo-hoo!

However, because this is a Kindle Countdown Deal, the 99 cent price won’t last long.  During the week, the prices will gradually increase until they’re back to their normal prices on December 27th.  Bummer, right?  Not if you act fast, get the books today, and save yourself the money!  (And share this news with your friends!)
Merry Christmas, and happy reading!

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