My newest book, Lost and Found, is now available for pre-order! It’s set to release on September 1st, just in time for Labor Day weekend. How fun is that?!

Lost AND Found

This one is like the 37 books that come before it – a stand alone story that needs no background information or connection to other books. That said (ahem), I feel like you, my most faithful readers, need a little background on this one. So, here it is…

We’re going back in time in this story. Paul Connor is NOT dead. No, this is not some story about how he came back from the dead. (That would be an entirely different kind of story, like one that I read recently outside of my romance/chick lit genre that appealed to me because it was set in Louisiana. No matter how many books I read set in this state, they always wind up the same — someone visits a voodoo shop, which is never a good idea. I knew as soon as this happened that things were about to get freaky and weird, and the book delivered. I’m not even going to tell you the name of that book because you don’t need to find it, read it, and become an insomniac for a few weeks because you’re scared witless and too afraid to sleep. No need to thank me for sparing you from that.)

Where was I? Oh, yes, Paul Connor is NOT dead. In You and Me, Baby, Aiden mentions that he misses Grandpa Paul, who we can presume at that point is dead. In that book, we also see Aiden move from an alcohol addiction to sobriety. Well, in Lost and Found, Aiden himself is still very much lost and struggling with alcohol. Mention is also made of Amelia, who does nothing but work, and Adam, who isn’t sure what he’s going to do once college is done. (But we know from past books that Adam does indeed figure it out and is happily planting a church alongside his wife.) At one point, Avery Huntington is mentioned as well, when she comes home from college for the weekend to see her Aunt Cammie, which means that this is way before vet school and Travis Collins. (Confused much? Moving along…)

So, given all that, I hope it becomes clear once you’re reading that this book is a prequel to books you’ve already read. Why couldn’t I have kept it more linear for you? This book wasn’t even going to be written, but given how much everyone hates Paul (you all hate him, don’t pretend you don’t, lol!), I had to write it and redeem the poor man. This means that it’s out of order, but it’s not going to take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

That said, those of you who are long term readers will want to refresh your memory before jumping into this one. It’s stand alone, yes, but you’ll love all the connections if you’ve read my other books. It’ll be helpful to remember how David was feeling at the end of Happily Ever After regarding his relationship with Paul. Lost and Found will pick up twentysomething years later. It might also be helpful to remember who exactly Piet and Kait are… because they’ll be mentioned as well. And remembering who Hope is and what her ministry was will play into the story as well.

Confused? It’ll all make good sense in a little over a week from now.

I’m so excited to get this book in your hands!

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