Worth It

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Hey, friends! My newest book, Worth It, has just been released and is now available on Amazon for just $3.99 or FREE with Kindle Unlimited! I’m so excited!

Here’s just a little bit about the new book…

Athena Johnson is at a crucial point in her career. To climb any higher in the ranks of academia and the women’s studies department of her university, she must write a book on the cultural and societal impact that the Bible has had on modern day feminism. Easy enough, right? It’s only when she gets deeper into her studies that she makes the somewhat horrifying discovery that God just might not be who she thinks He is and that knowing Him will mean facing a past that she’d rather forget. With the help of Nate, a longtime friend who quickly becomes so much more, Athena will encounter faith and a Jesus that she has never truly known, opening up the future to a whole new world of possibilities.

Worth It is a redemptive story about finding Christ in even the low moments of life. While it is Christian fiction, the book deals with sensitive topics and details not often found in this genre and may make some readers uncomfortable.

Follow this link to get your copy!

Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Worth It

  1. Ursula says:

    I absolutely loved this book. It was so profound for me and the way you wove in scripture! I think it may be one of your best books yet. When is the next one coming out?


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