In 2019…

White paper 3d heart on pink background. Vector EPS10.

So… 2019. I’m not sure how we got here so quickly, are you? I knew the holidays would fly by (and they did) and that after all the hustle and bustle, I’d get back to a place where I could plan the next year and see what’s up ahead for the Faulks and for Jenn Faulk books. And here we are!

Here’s what’s up ahead…

Wes and I are going to Israel tomorrow! What?! We’ve tried to get to Israel before and have had things come up that have kept us from going every time, but this time, it worked out. We’re going for half the cost of what it would have taken to get just one of us there on the other tours we’d looked into in the past, and we’re so thankful. Please pray for me as we leave the girls with our parents. They’ll be fine, I know, but my mother’s heart can hardly handle thinking of the distance. (Didn’t we go to Dubai without them last year? Yes, but would you believe that the older they get the harder it is to leave them? I wouldn’t have believed it either, but they’re at such tender ages right now. Ugh. Parenting, you were supposed to be easier than this!)

My next book, Meant to Be, is about a fourth of the way done, and I’m so excited about this story. Jude and Lucy are all grown up and reunited in America, and… well, a whole lot is going to happen. This is going to be my 50th book (!!!), and I have no idea what I’m doing beyond that. Yes, for the first time in a very long time, I don’t have any other books waiting in line. I think Wes is afraid that I’m going to stop writing books altogether after Jude and Lucy (I’m SO not, don’t worry), but that’s probably because seminary tuition is still a thing for a little while longer…

Which brings me to the next thing. Wes graduates in May! He’s done all the work and submitted everything and is just waiting to hear back on professional edits and the details of the defense. I’m so proud of him and of all the work he’s put in over the last three years. He was the dyslexic kid that wasn’t supposed to finish high school, and here he is all these years later, completing and submitting a dissertation for a doctorate. God has done a lot in Wes’s life, all for His own glory. We’re looking forward to celebrating the end of this season of hard work!

What about you? What are you looking forward to in 2019?





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